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Portugal. The Man

From their article jumbling punctuation to their formation in Wasilla, Alaska, Portugal. The Man is a band that easily stands out.  Through strong internet promotion (including a regularly updated blog) and charmingly innovative music, they delivered their fourth studio album, The Satanic Satanist last July 21, along with an acoustic version titled The Majestic Majesty.  Glide spoke with lead singer John Gourley about his band's new albums and recent festival appearances.

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The Builders and Butchers

With their sophomore album Salvation is a Deep Dark Well, a headlining tour and frequent festival appearances, The Builders and the Butchers are getting their sound around.  Originally formed in Alaska, the band started with the idea of playing "death themed songs" on the streets of Portland, Oregon to gain a following. Though they still keep their dark nature, they have certainly moved on to bigger venues and larger shows. Glide recently talked to front man Ryan Sollee about his peculiar creative endeavor.

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Formed in Los Angeles five years ago by founders Ben Grubin, lead singer, and Jeremy "Jerm" Reynolds on bass, Hockey is now based in Portland, Oregon as a quartet with Brian White on guitar, and Anthony Stassi on drums. Mind Chaos was released independently, and the group signed to Capitol late in 2008. The album will be remixed and remastered, with new songs added, for the August 25th, 2009 international release.

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