Articles by: Jim Hynes

Hans Chew Creates Piano Based Americana Storm on ‘Open Sea’ (Album Review)

Hans Chew describes his work as piano-based Americana and R&B but that doesn’t go far enough. His music encompasses familiar rock strains from the 70s and even hints of jazz and classical. It’s hard to ...

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James Maddock Returns To Politically Charged Roots on ‘Insanity vs. Humanity’ (Album Review)

While James Maddock’s 2015 release, Green, was full of nostalgia and some feel-good gems, the veteran singer-songwriter reveals an angrier side on his latest effort Insanity vs. Humanity. Somehow, the album, which is been out for ...

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Whitney Rose Enlists Big Players For Classic Country/Girl Group Winner ‘Rule 62’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

The first question some of you may have as I know I did – what is Rule 62? It takes its name from Alcoholics Anonymous excerpt that can be summed up quickly as “Don’t Take ...

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Samantha Fish’s Star Rises as She Stretches Boundaries Second 2017 Release, ‘Belle of the West’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

The late Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown would probably be proud of Samantha Fish’s approach. The oft cantankerous Brown would frequently snub basic blues; embracing his brand of “American music” which included country, Cajun, jazz, and blues. ...

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Superb Vocalist Jim Byrnes Digs Down Further On ‘Long Hot Summer Days’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

Jim Byrnes soaked in the blues in St. Louis as an adolescent but has lived in Vancouver ever since he returned as a Vietnam vet. With thirteen years or so of a partnership with master ...

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Vulture Whale’s Wes McDonald Issues New EP ‘A Lot More Then Enough’ Under Moniker Terry Ohms (ALBUM REVIEW)

Terry Ohms started as a side project for Vulture Whale, the Birmingham, AL-based indie group who fused southern rock, punk, and general rowdiness. Under the Ohms moniker, the band’s frontman Wes McDonald has released several ...

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The Wailin’ Jennys Nail Three Part Harmonies On ‘Fifteen’ Via Red House (ALBUM REVIEW)

When you think of three-part harmony, The Persuasions and Crosby, Stills, and Nash inevitably come to mind and perhaps on the female side, Trio (Emmylou Harris, Dolly Parton, and Linda Ronstadt). In this millennium though, ...

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Chris Barron Goes Classic & Refined On ‘Angels and One-Armed Jugglers’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

Don’t expect the alt-rock glory of early 90s Spin Doctors on Chris Barron’s Angels and One-Armed Jugglers. This is Barron taking a rather meandering journey through eleven originals, that touch on jazz, blues, Broadway, and ...

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‘For You to See the Stars’ Displays the Uncanny Emotional Depth & Political Ire of Radney Foster (ALBUM REVIEW)

When Radney Foster’s name is mentioned, his classic album Del Rio, Texas 1959 (his birthplace), his success with the duo Foster & Lloyd, and his hits for mega country stars come to mind.  In a ...

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