Articles by: Katie Cook

Volume 34: The Swell Season

The first time I saw the film Once, starring the duo that comprises The Swell Season, I went alone on a random, rainy Thursday afternoon. Given that my boyfriend of six years and I were ...

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Volume 32: The Avett Brothers

I admit it: I came late to the game.  Only a couple of years ago, a friend suggested The Avett Brothers’ Emotionalism as the next album I should buy.  Priority number one.  And when I ...

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Volume 29: The Low Anthem

A sign broadcasting this word hung on the studio wall while Ben Knox Miller, Jeff Prystowsky, and Jocie Adams, the three members of The Low Anthem, recorded Oh My God, Charlie Darwin. A Hebrew expression ...

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Volume 27: Regina Spektor

At first listen, Regina Spektor’s music sounds fantastical, with her buoyant voice, backed by piano runs, escaping far, far away from reality.  However, the listening experience is a lot like opening a little girl’s music ...

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Volume 24: A.C. Newman

You know how it is when you get a song lyric stuck in your head?  It turns your skull into a mental pinball machine, with the lyric violently bouncing from flipper to ramp to bumper ...

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Volume 22: Jenny Lewis

What can I tell you about Jenny Lewis that you don’t already know?  Let’s see.  She was first a child actress prominently starring in the 1989 cult fave, Troop Beverly Hills.  Duh.  Years later, she ...

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Volume 20: Serena Ryder

I hate the radio.  I’m impatient; I don’t want to hear vacuum repair commercials or the crappy, overproduced pop du jour.  However, there are a few songs that, when they fill my rinky-dink, factory speakers, ...

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Volume 18: Rachael Yamagata

Happenstance, Rachael Yamagata’s first full-length release in 2004, is the perfect way to describe the way I initially discovered her music.

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Volume 16: Ray LaMontagne

In the musical landscape that is my iPod catalog and album collection, the setting is often a bleak and desolate one filled with what I lovingly refer to as “slit your wrists” numbers that ...

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Volume 14: William Fitzsimmons

I first heard William Fitzsimmons before I saw him.  As I stepped down the stairs of the Duck Room, the basement venue of the must-see Blueberry Hill in St. Louis, I took notice of the ...

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