Articles by: Morgan Enos

Guided by Voices Strike Big Again With Exhilarating ‘Space Gun’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

For a celebrated rock band that’s by now old far enough to order a Miller at the bar, Guided by Voices have always had a weird shyness about releasing a big-time, polished rock record, start ...

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David Crosby Molds Most Creatively Fulfilling Solo LP Yet On ‘Sky Trails’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

For a revered songwriter boasting a 50-year career and two spots in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, David Crosby hasn’t previously had a lot of songs to crow about — at least ones ...

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Guided by Voices Notch Up The Spirit On 25th LP ‘How Do You Spell Heaven’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

What’s your favorite debut album by an artist, ever? How about a sophomore album? Well, Robert Pollard has released one hundred albums, culminating in August by Cake (2017). Yet, he miraculously still has more to ...

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Randy Newman’s ‘Dark Matter’ Is Wildest & Wooliest Yet (ALBUM REVIEW)

[rating=8.00 Dark Matter, Randy Newman’s first new album of the 2010s, is his wildest and wooliest yet. That is, if you don’t count his 1979 album Born Again – where Newman threatened public indecency, tormented ...

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Randy Newman ‘Dark Matter’ Release Week – The Classic Songwriter’s Ten Essential Songs (LIST)

Randy Newman might be the most misunderstood American songwriter of the 20th century. This is no exaggeration. For nearly half a century, Newman has been unfairly pigeonholed as either a novelty singer or a merciless ...

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Portland Power Poppers Eyelids Make Triumphant Statement With ‘Or’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

The musical subgenre of power pop arguably began with a mighty Fadd9 chord at the top of the Beatles’ “A Hard Day’s Night.” Since that letter was nailed to the church door in 1964, guitar-toting ...

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Guided by Voices Tackle Their First Double Album With ‘August by Cake’ (ALBUM REVIEWS)

Guided by Voices Tackle Their First Double Album With 'August by Cake'

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Guided by Voices & Robert Pollard: 10 Lesser Known Essential Albums Of Rock’s Most Colossal Discography (100 & Counting)

Here’s how the story goes: a middle-aged elementary school teacher from Dayton, Ohio, named Robert Pollard was just blowing off steam with his drinking buddies in his spare time. Fueled by R.E.M., The Who and ...

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Drive By Truckers Bring No Gimmicks, No Tricks, Just World Class Songwriting To Westbury (SHOW REVIEW)

“‘Nine Bullets’!” yelled a man in a flannel shirt near the end of Drive-By Truckers’ set at The Space at Westbury Theater Friday night. He was referring to the second track on the Truckers’ 1999 ...

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