Articles by: Mark Pursell

La Roux – “Let Me Down Gently” (Song Review)

In the five years since Elly Jackson's debut album under the La Roux, moniker, she's clearly gone through a bit of a transition.

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Tori Amos – Unrepentant Geraldines (Album Review)

If the lyric from "Oysters" of "working my way back to me again" was a goal and creative impetus for this project, one can say without reservation—imperfect as the record is—that Tori Amos has succeeded. ...

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Lykke Li – I Never Learn

Lykke Li's new album "I Never Learn" manages the contradictory feat of lingering in your mind without sonically overstaying its welcome.

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Sharon Van Etten – “Every Time the Sun Comes Up” (Song Review)

You wouldn't necessarily associate the word “wistful” with the name Sharon Van Etten.

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‘Nymphomaniac: Volume II’ Review

If Volume I of Lars Von Trier's erotic opus was too much, Volume II is a kitchen sink’s worth of misguided excess.

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‘Nymphomaniac: Volume 1’ Review

'Nymphomaniac Volume 1,' one-half of a four-hour X-rated opus, finds Lars Von Trier up to his old tricks.

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Joan As Police Woman – The Classic

It’s not that she’s never played with blues/soul before, but it’s the mission statement of Joan As Police Woman's fourth album "The Classic," and serves as the record’s unifying vision.

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Scraping the Barrel: #91, ‘In the Mix’

It’s a mob drama, dontchaknow?

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Rufus Wainwright – Vibrate: The Best Of

Vibrate does contain some of his very best songs, and for the devoted fan, the deluxe edition is unbeatable. It’s a celebration of the unique, mournful, self-deprecating music of Rufus Wainwright, and, if you’re unfamiliar ...

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St. Vincent – St. Vincent

Clark's new album arrives with the same vigor, verve, and unique style that we’ve come to expect from a St. Vincent record, only here those qualities are turned up and carefully honed, resulting in a ...

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