Reese LeBlanc

Godzilla movie 2014

Godzilla: Tragedy and Comedy

Reese LeBlanc retraces the massive footprints of motion picture’s most reliable radioactive dinosaur — from Saturday horror greatness to cartoonish stupidity to, just maybe, a shot at redemption.

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Hoopla In The Hills 2014 – Review

Athens, Ohio sits on the rolling, rocky edge of Appalachia. Ohio University is the heart of the modest city, a quaint main street community overflowing with bars, restaurants and boutiques.

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Tycho – Awake (ALBUM REVIEW)

A fantastic group effort, “Awake” begins a new chapter for Tycho, one fans of Explosions in the Sky and instrumental rock could certainly warm up to. Longtime Tycho followers certainly have something to debate, but they have something to bob their heads to as well.

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The Transmigration of Sound Tribe

If Murphy’s side projects are any indication, the bassist may be destined to produce punchier, potent dance music. If that is the case, where is Sound Tribe bound? Former STS9 “kids” everywhere are holding their breath, waiting for any hint of Sector Nine’s second coming.

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