Articles by: Ross Warner

Gov’t Mule Trot Out Pearl Jam’s “Come Back” & Loads of Originals at Port Chester’s Capitol Theatre (SHOW REVIEW)

When word went out this weekend’s Port Chester Gov’t Mule shows were to be professionally filmed by the band, it was clear these gigs wouldn’t be ordinary concerts. As a result, there was also to ...

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Gov’t Mule Gets Its Biggest Roars For Its Blues Renditions at NYCB Theatre at Westbury (SHOW REVIEW)

The Mule never disappoints. The first set of the April 25th show at the NYCB Theatre at Westbury seemed like it might be a mellow one. Sure, Warren Haynes showed his usual guitar brilliance on ...

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As The Crow Flies Kicks Off Tour at Port Chester’s Capitol Theatre- Chris Robinson Regains His Strut (SHOW REVIEW)

When writing about As The Crow Flies a few weeks back, the author found no predictions or expectations for what this band might sound like. No matter what Chris Robinson says or feels about the band ...

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Gov’t Mule Kicks off New Years Run at Atlantic City’s Borgata (SHOW REVIEW)

Gov’t Mule made their return to Atlantic City with a batch of “old school” Mule. And even though they were playing at the Borgata Events Center, the carpeted floors made it feel like the show ...

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Magpie Salute Brings Travelling Revue of Honorable Rock To Irving Plaza (SHOW REVIEW)

It’s hard to believe that this was the Magpie Salute’s third trip to New York this year. After all, they just started playing as a bad at the Gramercy Theatre in January.  By their summer ...

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Dead & Company Kick Off ‘Fall ’17’ at Madison Square Garden With Two Debuts (SHOW REVIEW)

“Never miss a Sunday show.” Somehow, that’s become a thing over the last couple of years. The logic holds up. You could always count on the Grateful Dead (still the source of the entire “jamband” ...

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Remembering Brent Mydland- The Former Grateful Dead Keyboardist/Vocalist’s Ten Best Songs

Brent Mydland always saw himself as the new guy on keyboards for the Grateful Dead. He held that keyboard position longer than anyone before or since, but could never rid himself of the feeling of not ...

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Dark Star Orchestra Play Bickershaw ’72 After 19 Other Songs at Westbury (SHOW REVIEW/PHOTOS)

There’s a lot going on in the Deadhead universe right now. Last month, The Grateful Dead Movie celebrated its 40th anniversary with a one-night return to cinemas. Last week, the Get Shown The Light boxed ...

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Dark Star Orchestra Revisit London ’72 at Coney Island Boardwalk (SHOW REVIEW)

To call the period between August 1 and August 9 “The Days Between” seems a more than a little depressing. “Jerry Week” sounds like the celebration it truly is. With Dead and Company’s triumphant summer ...

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Dead & Company Entangle Citi Field For Two Nights & Prove ‘The Music’ Needs John Mayer (SHOW REVIEW)

With the soundboard from Saturday’s show Dead & Company show playing through the speakers, the magnificence of the first show at Citi Field is confirmed. Guitarist John Mayer has made no secret of the fact ...

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