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Braids- Deep In the Iris (ALBUM REVIEW)

[rating=6.00] The mantle of “experimental pop” is a pretty heavy one for a band to carry in the year 2015. For one thing, the line between margin and mainstream has

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Twin Shadow – Eclipse (ALBUM REVIEW)

[rating=8.00] The first Twin Shadow album, Forget, released in 2010, was a beautiful surprise. Pulsating and dreamy, awash with synths and drum machines, it drew instant comparisons to ‘80s New

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Madonna – Rebel Heart (ALBUM REVIEW)

[rating=7.00] Here’s the good news: Rebel Heart is better than anything Madonna has put out in a while – a long while. Critical opinion is fairly unified on the fact

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Zola Jesus – Versions

Versions sounds both familiar and new, both surprising and self-evident; the songs here aren’t rebuilt from scratch so much as refined, clarified, crystallized. Only time will tell whether Versions is the end of the first chapter of the Zola Jesus discography or the beginning of the second, but it’s a worthwhile and fascinating effort in either case.

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