Articles by: Trevor Christian

Roots/Punk Rocker M. Witte Molds Horror Movies & Tom Waits On Debut LP ‘Ol’ Boy’ (INTERVIEW)

He grew up wanting to make horror movies, but then he got into Tom Waits. For M. Witte, a roots-punk frontman making his more acoustic solo debut with the compelling Ol’ Boy, nothing comes more ...

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CALICO the Band: Redefining Americana (INTERVIEW)

It wasn’t all that surprising when CALICO the Band had a small New York City crowd literally howling halfway through their set at Rockwood Music Hall Wednesday evening. Considering how frequently the crowd shouted compliments ...

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Jake Duda Produces Americana Splendor With Under The Radar Debut ‘De Soto’ (INTERVIEW)

There’s not much in the world of Americana music that sounds quite like Jake Duda. He and his band, which consists of numerous family members, exist in a world of raucous and rich sounds. It’s ...

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Thor Platter Offers Banjo Rich Debut With ‘Take Time’ (INTERVIEW)

Thor Platter named his debut album well. Take Time is an album that’s patient, empathetic and introspective in a way that most listeners would be wise to learn from. In most cases, the music matches ...

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Drew Kennedy Brings Elder Statesmen Words & Soul To ‘At Home In The Big Lonesome’ (INTERVIEW)

At 37, Drew Kennedy is far from an old-timer on the Red Dirt Circuit that gives life to so many exceptional songwriters based out of Texas and Oklahoma. Yet Kennedy sounds as if he’s an ...

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Amber Cross Brings The Full Picture On ‘Savage On the Downhill’ (INTERVIEW)

I was not particularly surprised when Amber Cross turned out to be a soft-spoken person. Savage on the Downhill, her first wide release solo album, is the rewarding result of time spent reflecting on quiet ...

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Gill Landry Finds His True Musical Calling On “Love Rides A Dark Horse’ (INTERVIEW)

Love Rides A Dark Horse, and so does Gill Landry. After producing a handful of solid albums both as a solo artist and with Old Crow Medicine Show before leaving the group, Landry came out ...

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Dori Freeman Releases Pristine Vocal Showcase ‘Letters Never Read’ (INTERVIEW)

For the second time in just the last two years, Dori Freeman has released a delightful vocal showcase in sophomore album Letters Never Read. Freeman’s primary asset is her sweet, powerful voice. It’s one that ...

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Mile Twelve Makes Statement For Progressive Bluegrass (INTERVIEW)

With a statement-making debut album in Onwards and the 2017 IBMA Band Momentum Award in hand, it’s hard to shake the feeling that Mile Twelve is headed somewhere. Onwards is a bold debut for the ...

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Texas Singer Songwriter Susan Gibson On Penning Dixie Chicks Hit & New EP ‘Remember Who You Are’ (INTERVIEW)

Susan Gibson, a talented Texas songwriter most well known for penning the Dixie Chicks’ smash hit “Wide Open Spaces,” takes time to reflect on her upbringing and some traumatic events in her life on her ...

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