Timothy Hurley

moe. – Smash Hits

what really makes this a fantastic effort is the delivery.  Rather than just remaster their old stuff, the band chose to head back into the studio and re-record each song.  Sure, it’s not the original version, but it was a genius move, as not only will passive fans get an excellent compilation of moe. tunes, but long-time fans get to hear new, fresh versions of those comfortable originals.

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Keller & The Keels: Thief

Normally cover albums draw a lot of skepticism as they tend to be just excuses to pump an album out, which is usually comprised of shoddy renditions of popular artists's song.  And the same could be said about Keller Williams and the Keels' new release, aptly titled Thief, if it were not for the oddly redeeming but sparkling choices presented in this collection. 

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