Articles by: William Lewis

‘Noonday Dream’ Stakes Out Ben Howard’s Ever-Maturing Territory As Artist (ALBUM REVIEW)

When Ben Howard surged onto the global scene with debut album Every Kingdom, there seemed nothing particularly remarkable about him. Oh sure, his sudden fame was remarkable and a Mercury Prize nomination is nothing to ...

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Beach House Surges Into Unexplored Territory on ‘7’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

Beach House have one of the most fitting names of any band in the world. Their chilled and washed out brand of dream pop invariably invokes summer’s sense of infinite calm and satisfaction that comes ...

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King Tuff Rebrands Hook Driven Garage Rock With ‘The Other’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

Now five albums into a career that basically defines the term ‘cult following’, Kyle Thomas’ King Tuff character has become a legend in its own right. Adored by college radio and underground scene purists; his ...

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MIEN Creates Perfect Storm Of Psych Rock (ALBUM REVIEW)

For diehards of psychedelic rock, those who have clung to the threads of the genre weaving their wave through the decades, the formation of MIEN is a perfect storm. Alex Maas of The Black Angels, ...

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Preoccupations Enter Post-Punk Nostalgia With ‘New Material’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

Preoccupations are the sound of deep longing in more ways than one. Their music and lyrics are the clear exhibition of that as it captures the prowling unrest inherent in the post-punk movement of the ...

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Editors Remain Powerfully Divisive With Sixth Album ‘Violence’ (ALBUM REVIEWS)

Now veteran purveyors over gloom and doom, Birmingham’s Editors have always been – if nothing else – divisive. Opinion over their Joy Division inspired rock drama has been split down the middle from basically day ...

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S. Carey of Bon Iver Moves Up Solo Artist Ladder With Touching ‘Hundred Acres’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

Sean Carey may have spent much of his career caught in the formidable gravitational pull of the infinite mass that is Justin Vernon as “that other guy from Bon Iver”, but such designations are perhaps ...

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Seun Kuti & Egypt 80 Create Dignified Afrobeat With ‘Black Times’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

It’s perhaps no coincidence that both Seun and Femi Kuti – the sons of Nigerian Afrobeat legend and pioneer Fela Kuti – have both released new albums a week apart in the wake of the ...

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Marlon Williams Stuns Sauntering Through Classic Styles on ‘Make Way For Love’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

When Marlon Williams’ excellent and critically acclaimed self-titled album was released two years ago the narrative around it was predictably uniform, is a Kiwi the greatest hope for Americana country and folk music? The New ...

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Curtis Roush Gets Mysterious & Expansive On Debut LP ‘Cosmic Campfire Music’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

Campfires and the cosmos feel like they share something fundamental at their core. Mysterious and elemental, they can conjure great loneliness and deep belonging; an eternal catharsis lying in the beauty of their steadfast indifference ...

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