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Jake Clemons Talks New LP Fear & Love, Uncle Clarence & Audibles From Bruce

Life is a journey full of highs and lows and how we react to them is what makes it truly our own. For Jake Clemons, he chose a piece of his journey and set it ...

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Chris Green of Tyketto/Rubicon Cross Lets Six String Scorch on ‘Unveil’ EP (INTERVIEW)

For British-born guitar player Chris Green, he loves living in the South – especially at this time of the year. When he first moved to America he lived in Chicago. “For five years I dealt ...

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Nuno Bettencourt Checks In About New Extreme DVD (INTERVIEW)

For the band Extreme, they have always been about making rock & roll multidimensional, never sticking to the same formula for every song. To them, rock & roll is a blank canvas and there are ...

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Lee Fields Keeps It Strong & Soulful (INTERVIEW)

Lee Fields is living proof that doing what you love does not have an age limit. “I feel that every human being’s purpose is to do what their inner voice says to do,” Fields (65) ...

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David Gray Breathes New Life Into Old Art Forms (INTERVIEW)

One of the things British singer-songwriter David Gray loves most about the legendary Nina Simone is, “The way she weaves magic into things.” It is a feat many attempt yet so few attain, and that ...

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Dave Stewart & Thomas Lindsey Making Waves With ‘Spitballin’ (INTERVIEW)

When you’re young and you feel like you don’t belong, life can look very different from the football player on one side of you or the gamer on the other side. So you dream more ...

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Keyboard Legend Rick Wakeman Talks ARW Tour & Never Downsizing The Rig (INTERVIEW)

You know his name, you know his music, you know of his reputation. So when it was announced that Rick Wakeman, the legendary keyboard player for Yes, was reuniting with his former bandmates, singer Jon ...

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Andy Timmons Breaks New Guitar Ground With ‘Theme From A Perfect World’ (INTERVIEW)

Andy Timmons has built his reputation into a well-respected cerebral guitar instrumentalist. He’s been on the G4 ticket with Joe Satriani and Paul Gilbert, and toured with former Scorpions guitarist Uli Jon Roth; all three ...

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Gary Clark Jr.’s Drummer Johnny Radelat Supplies The Lowdown (INTERVIEW)

When you go see Gary Clark Jr, the first person you notice is the guitar player himself. But the second musician that catches your attention is drummer Johnny Radelat. He hits hard, he keeps a ...

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Julian Lennon Shares Insight Into ‘Cycle’ Photography Exhibit (INTERVIEW)

 Julian Lennon may have been born into a house of music but his branches of interest spread much further out. In fact, his passions for photography and philanthropy are so deep in his soul that ...

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