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Critical Coin Toss: Placing Bets on the 86th Academy Awards

Before placing your Oscar bets, check out this conversation between Stephen Mills and Mark Pursell. They provide their take on the awards, debating who will win, who should win, and who should have been nominated ...

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Critical Coin Toss: American Hustled? A Discussion About David O. Russell’s Hot Mess of Con Artists

Leading into the glitzy Oscar season, John Keith and Brice Ezell take a look at one of the most acclaimed films of 2013, 'American Hustle.' Don’t let the Metascore fool you: not everyone is in ...

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Scraping the Barrel: #92, ‘Dream Well’

This Hungarian disaster isn't worth your time -- or your $31.50 for a DVD copy.

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Checkin’ ‘Em Twice: 10 Best ‘Twin Peaks’ Scenes

Since we're in the spirit with all these 'Twin Peaks' rumors, here are the 10 best scenes from this surreal, thought-provoking, cancelled-far-too-soon series.

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Checkin’ ‘Em Twice (Christmas Edition): 10 Left-of-Center Christmas Movies

For the misanthrope, the cynic, the atheist, the solitary, and the anti-consumerist among us, there are some “Christmas” movies which encapsulate the spirit of the season while not shying away from its dark underbelly.

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Re-Reviews (Christmas / Pizza Edition): ‘Home Alone’

Our relationship with art changes over time. In our instantaneous iPhone age, we don’t live with albums or movies or TV shows or books like we used to. With Re-Reviews, we re-explore our relationship with ...

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Scraping the Barrel: #93, ‘Battlefield Earth’

If you are in a position to egregiously waste 118 minutes of your existence, then I invite you to view 'Battlefield Earth.'

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Scraping the Barrel: #94: ‘3 Ninjas: High Noon at Mega Mountain’

You might get a little kick out of the slapsticky 'Home Alone'-type ninja action, but the lousy dialogue, ridiculous premise, and forgettable performances deserved to kill the '3 Ninjas' franchise.

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Back Off, Jerk: In Defense of ‘The Mexican’

Stephen Mills explores this action-adventure comedy, which subverted audience and critic expectations, avoiding the obvious Brad Pitt-Julia Roberts romance in favor of a more unusual plot.

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Scraping the Barrel: #95, ‘Tees Maar Khan’

Mark Pursell takes a closer look at this schizophrenic Bollywood trainwreck.

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