Film Reviews

Halloween Screaming Guide

There's no need to risk the crowds and the mayhem of Halloween when you can stay home and enjoy these terrifying visions.

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The Power of ‘The Work’ (FILM REVIEW)

A stunningly emotional and heartfelt documentary, The Work is a must see film.

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The Flawed But Interesting Failure of ‘All I See Is You’ (FILM REVIEW)

It's a swing and a miss, but the swing is almost worth watching.

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‘Mark Felt’ Fails to go Deep (FILM REVIEW)

Liam Neeson helps, but this Deep Throat biopic still chokes.

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‘Tragedy Girls’ An Enjoyable Romp Through the Slasher Sandbox (FILM REVIEW)

These girls are to die for, #Blessed

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Joys and Pains of Poverty Explored in ‘The Florida Project’ (FILM REVIEW)

Sean Baker's latest work is a poignant look at the forgotten segments of our society.

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DVD Review: ‘Lady Macbeth’ A Taut, Terrifying Thriller

The stunning, chilling tale is now available to own.

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Blu-ray Review: ‘Baby Driver’ Gets Better with Each New Viewing

Out now and DVD and Blu-ray, Edgar Wright's Baby Driver is a film that keeps getting better.

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A Brief Remembrance of ‘Blade Runner’

With Blade Runner 2049 in theaters this weekend, we look back on what makes the original so stunning and original.

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‘Assholes’ Really is the Most Disgusting Movie Ever Made (FILM REVIEW)

Filthy and gross near to the point of unwatchability, Assholes certainly is...something.

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