SONG PREMIERE: Deep Gold Conjures Gravelly, Gothic Americana Sound With “The Hellhounds”

Deep Gold’s is an instantly identifiable voice. The Maine-based singer-songwriter is a dark and sultry crooner, quietly grinding the vocal gears a la Leonard Cohen on “Everybody Knows” or Bob Dylan circa Time Out of ...

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VIDEO PREMIERE: George Hadfield Takes Listeners On Synth Voyage Via “Treadmill”

Minneapolis based songwriter, composer and multi-instrumentalist George Hadfield released his new album Brenda on June 8th: a futuristic throwback of mid-tempo meditations. Taking Hadfield’s groove-based synth-pop sound into funkier landscapes, the songs explore love, addiction, ...

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SONG PREMIERE: The Wrong Brothers Throw Garage Rock and Funk Together For Freshly Original Tune “Teach Me How to Dance”

The Wrong Brothers are a London based duo plunging riff heavy knives deep into the heart of Experimental Art Rock. Following a year which saw them open for Barenaked Ladies, One Bad Son, and Texas ...

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SONG PREMIERE: The Wans Frontman Simon Patrick Kerr Gets Personal With Stripped Down “Strung Out Again”

Simon Patrick Kerr has made a name for himself as the frontman for blistering Nashville power trio The Wans, whose brand of 60’s psych rock has landed them on bills alongside Queens of the Stone ...

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VIDEO PREMIERE: Ryan Martin Uses Heartfelt Americana to Reflect on His Surroundings With “New England Song”

Originally from Los Gatos, California, singer-songwriter Ryan Martin started writing songs when he was 14 and was soon playing in bands and doing solo gigs up and down the West Coast. After a traumatic car ...

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ALBUM PREMIERE: The Young Mothers Dish Out Innovative Hip-Hop Jazz Sound With ‘Morose’

What happens when a group of monstrously talented musicians get together and throw a bunch of seemingly random musical styles into one pot? In the case of The Young Mothers, a juggernaut of a collective ...

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VIDEO PREMIERE: Colin Macleod Sets His Travels to a Psych-folk Sound With”Dream”

A farmer from the Isle of Lewis makes a debut album with the intensity of Bruce Springsteen’s Darkness On The Edge Of Town. It may seem surprising, but Colin Macleod’s influences are the same as ...

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FULL ALBUM PREMIERE: The Mallett Brothers Band Score Big With Celebratory ‘Vive L’Acadie!’

Buried deep underneath blankets of wooly southern rock, gritty songwriting and soaring odes to lost love, The Mallett Brothers are entrenched in the dense forests, majestic mountains and icy beaches of their Maine homeland. Their ...

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VIDEO PREMIERE: Brownout Offer Inside Look At Public Enemy-inspired LP ‘Fear of a Brown Planet’

Twenty-eight years ago, pissed-off twelve-year-olds around the universe discovered a new planet, a Black Planet. Public Enemy’s aggressive, Benihana beats and incendiary lyrics instilled fear among parents and teachers everywhere, even in the border town ...

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SONG PREMIERE: I See Hawks in L.A. Return With Slow Burning Southern Rocker “White Cross”

I See Hawks in L.A.soared relatively trouble free for the first decade of their existence, but in 2018 they’re emerging from a string of confrontations with mortality, life choices, and the slow leakage of youthful ...

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