SONG PREMIERE: Fever Feel Transmit Intense Hazy Swirling Psych Rocker “Lose Your Mind”

On their new self-titled LP British Columbia’s Fever Feel infuse the hazy wash of 60’s psychedelia with syncopated strutting rock & roll. Founded by the songwriting duo of Landon Franklin and Logan Gabert, Fever Feel ...

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A Rejuvenated Dave Matthews Band Bring Admired Catalog To Denver’s Fiddler’s Green (PHOTOS)

Although the Dave Matthews Band have outgrown the confines of Red Rocks, there was plenty to get down to as the ever-evolving band made their way to Fiddlers Green just outside of Denver on 8/24/18. ...

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The Creators Of ‘Searching’ On Crafting Their Tech-Facing Mystery Movie (INTERVIEW)

"If screens are so important to telling these stories, then obviously we live our lives on them. And if we live our lives on them, let's just tell a story on them." - 'Searching' director ...

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Semi Reunited Smashing Pumpkins Cherub Rock Up St Paul’s Excel Energy Center

The Smashing Pumpkins brought their semi reunited tour (Corgan, Chamberlin, Iha) to St. Paul’s Excel Energy Center on 8/18/19. The career spanning setlist covered all boundaries of the band’s history and then some, including some ...

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VIDEO PREMIERE: Jonathan Warren & The Billy Goats Direct Haunting Folk Narrative With “Stayed Too Long”

Cletus, the fifth full-length album from Boise, Idaho-based Jonathan Warren & The Billy Goats, is about finding the beauty that hides beneath the pain, finding hope within the struggle, and light in the darkness. Written ...

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VIDEO PREMIERE: Light Years Return With Glorious Punk Anthem “Back Then”

In the years since Light Years formed in the year 2009 they have toured with many like minded acts that include Pentimento, Citizen, Turnover, Mixtapes, You Blew It! and Modern Baseball. In early 2014, the band played on The ...

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Twins of Evil: Marilyn Manson & Rob Zombie Bring The Madness to Denver’s Pepsi Center (PHOTOS)

Marilyn Manson & Rob Zombie brought their ghoulish theatrics and heavy guitar rock to Pepsi’s Pepsi Center on 8/20 as part of their “Twins of Evil” tour. Photos by Todd Radunsky.    

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Ween Soars With Two Triumphant Shows in Portland (SHOW REVIEW/PHOTOS)

Rewind to the year 2011 and nobody would’ve thought that Ween would ever be playing shows again, let alone some of the best shows of their career. In fact, Gene Ween said as much to ...

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Mapache and Grateful Shred Bring California Grooves to Portland (SHOW REVIEW/PHOTOS)

Portland, Oregon got an injection of some SoCal vibes when Mapache and Grateful Shred stopped by Mississippi Studios on Thursday, August 16. The L.A.-based groups played to a crowd curious to see what these relatively ...

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SONG PREMIERE: James Houlahan Channels His Inner Daniel Johnston On “Faded”

Four albums deep, James Houlahan is still reveling in the wonder and imagination of the record-making process. His new LP, The Wheel Still in Spin (out 9/21), drifts through varied states of being, musically and lyrically evoking ...

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