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Miles Ahead & Audio Companion Pieces Reaffirm Jazz Icon’s Influence (DVD REVIEW)

Because he so artfully interweaves literal storytelling with provocative movie-making, Don Cheadle deserves an Academy Award for Miles Ahead. Both the conception and execution of this homage to the late Miles Davis are also reflected ...

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Neil Young & Crazy Horse Reaffirm 1978 Brilliance on ‘Rust Never Sleeps’ Reissue (DVD REVIEW)

The almost simultaneous release of two Neil Young DVD’s is a sage move on the part of the Canadian rock icon. Not only does his current touring heighten the visibility of their respective releases, but ...

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Feats First: The Life and Music of Lowell George (DVD REVIEW)

Lowell George was one of contemporary rock’s greatest iconoclasts and, like most such characters, his idiosyncratic tendencies were as close to the source of his talent as the cockeyed lust for life that ultimately led ...

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‘The Rolling Stones: Totally Stripped’ Shows Icons in 1995 Live Glory (DVD REVIEW)

For those who love their music documentaries with more talk and behind-the-scenes footage than actual musical clips, then Eagle Rock has a goodie for you. Whereas most of the Rolling Stones DVD treasures of late ...

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Neil Young’s Surreal 1982 Comedy ‘Human Highway’ Gets Directors Cut Re-Release (DVD REVIEW)

Human Highway is Neil Young’s second foray into a full-length feature film, the followup to Journey Through the Past from 1972, and it’s not all that surprising the Canadian would release it in 2016 in ...

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‘Janis: Little Girl Blue’ Brings Story of First Female Rock Star Via Unseen Footage/Interviews (DVD REVIEW)

Port Arthur, Texas, was like most mid-sized cities in America. Nothing overly special other than some history and actual neighborhoods families could grow up in. When Seth and Dorothy Joplin had their first child in ...

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Robert Trujillo Presents JACO – Depicting The Life of a Jazz Bass Great (DVD REVIEW)

Metallica bassist Robert Trujillo’s cinematic exploration of the life of bassist Jaco Pastorius is as comprehensive as the genius musician’s range of influences. In the first few minutes of the film, the Metallica bassist, along ...

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Elvis Costello Documents Solo Tour on ‘Detour Live at Liverpool Philharmonic Hall’ (DVD REVIEW)

Based on the sheer power and largess of Elvis Costello’s catalog alone, any DVD that documents his 40 year career and more than 25 of his superb songs is in itself well worth the price ...

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‘Johnny Winter: Down & Dirty’ Shines Intimate Spotlight on Late Great Blues Guitarist (DVD REVIEW)

There are three things that you will notice when watching the newly released DVD Johnny Winter: Down & Dirty. One is that the music is so incredibly passionate, feisty and unfettered with special tricks, that ...

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The Jam’s Defiant Sense of Integrity Captured on ‘About the Young Idea’ (DVD REVIEW)

As if The Jam’s fiercely independent, willfully defiant sense of integrity needed any affirmation in these days of songs by the Clash on TV commercials, About the Young Idea ultimately stands as a clear delineation ...

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