February 2003

The Solace of Leaving Early: Haven Kimmel

Haven Kimmel’s debut novel The Solace of Leaving Early is much darker than her memoir A Girl Named Zippy: Growing Up Small in Moorland Indiana, which was a complete pleasure to read.

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New Radiohead Album in June

Radiohead has continually raised the modern benchmark for studio recordings, despite only five masterpieces released so far. Their next album is due June 10, although a spokesperson for the label says that date may change. Album titles are rumored to be

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Make Your Own Bob Dylan Mix CD

Starting now, you can make a Bob Dylan mix CD in the comfort of your very own home for just $15, plus shipping and handling.
Sony Records has launched Custommixcd.com a service that allows fans to put together specific songs from thirty-five different Dylan albums, along with rare and live tracks. The cost includes any twelve tracks or 78 minutes of music. Among the rarities include a live version of

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Napster To Return – No Longer Free

So much for free music anymore. Using the Napster name to attract a paying customer base, parent company Roxio, Inc. plans to re launch former song-swapping Internet service Napster by the end of the year. After declaring bankruptcy last year, Napster

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Tom Petty’s Former Bass Player Dies

Howie Epstein, former bass player for Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers died late Sunday night. His death is yet undetermined, but a female friend mentioned to police that he had been taking heroin. Epstein served as the bass player in the band from 1982 till 2001, when the band had parted company with him

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