June 18, 2003

Simon and Garfunkel Reunion Tour Likely

Preliminary plans are underway for a Simon and Garfunkel reunion tour for the fall. The agents for Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel are collaborating on “initial explorations” regarding a tour, which is tentatively set to play arenas.
Aside from a rendition of “The Sounds of Silence” at the Grammys earlier this year, the famed folk/pop duo hasn’t performed together since the Concert Event of a Lifetime tour in early 1994. On that trek, the pair played to large crowds, including a sold-out run of 21 shows at the Paramount in New York.
Source Billboard.com.

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Illegal Downloads May Destroy Computers

Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) said he favors developing technology to remotely destroy computers used for illegal downloads represents a dramatic escalation in the increasingly contentious rhetoric over pirated music.
During a discussion of methods to frustrate computer users who illegally exchange music and movie files over the Internet, Hatch asked technology executives about ways to damage computers involved in such file trading. Legal experts have said any such attack would violate federal anti-hacking laws.
“No one is interested in destroying anyone’s computer,” replied Randy Saaf of MediaDefender Inc., a secretive Los Angeles company that builds technology to deliberately download pirated material very slowly so other users can’t.
“I’m interested,” Hatch interrupted. He said damaging someone’s computer “may be the only way you can teach somebody about copyrights.”
The senator, a composer who earned $18,000 last year in song-writing royalties, acknowledged Congress would have to enact an exemption for copyright owners from liability for damaging computers. He endorsed technology that would twice warn a computer user about illegal online behavior, “then destroy their computer.”
“If we can find some way to do this without destroying their machines, we’d be interested in hearing about that,” Hatch said. “If that’s the only way, then I’m all for destroying their machines. If you have a few hundred thousand of those, I think people would realize” the seriousness of their actions.
“There’s no excuse for anyone violating copyright laws,” Hatch said.
Source Billbord.com.

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Sixth Season For The Sopranos

HBO has announced that it has agreed with producers of the award-winning mob drama, “The Sopranos” in filming a sixth season. The cast currently is wrapping up production on the fifth season, which will begin in March 2004. The sixth season will consist of 10 episodes, shorter than the 13-episode seasons “The Sopranos” usually offers.
Source Yahoo.com.

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