November 2, 2004

The Music : Welcome To The North

The Music clearly nails their series of riffs and grooves in Welcome To The North, as progressive flash with glory days of metal flashback come together, without all the Aqua Net.

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DJ Greyboy: Break it Down (INTERVIEW)

Now that the demand for his 2003 limited edition “DC Shoes Mix” has gone beyond the skate shops, producer/DJ Greyboy has finally released his own readily available mix cd. The end product is a fresh blend of obscure rarities and definable Greyboy classics, culminating into one imposing turntable statement.

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Flaming Lips Get Comical With New Video

Action Figure, an Austin-based creative agency specializing in film production and design has just finished producing the new music video for the Grammy award winning band, The Flaming Lips. The Flaming Lips’ soon to be released single, “Sponge Bob & Patrick Confront the Psychic Wall of Energy”, will be the first single on the soundtrack for Warner Bros.’ “Sponge Bob Square Pants” movie. (Other bands featured on the album will be Wilco, the Shins, Ween, Motorhead and Avril Lavigne). Action Figure worked with the Lips’ longtime film collaborator, Bradley Beesley and the band’s frontman Wayne Coyne, as a directorial duo. The Action Figure team headed production efforts with AF’s Mark Miks as the director of photography, George Sledge as the producer, and Ariel Quintans as editor.

Craig Denham and Ellen Lampl were the local art directors responsible for the design of the appropriately outrageous sets that filled an entire hangar at Austin Studios, this past weekend. A giant pirate ship, a salivating mouth the size of a large truck (in which the band members were filmed costumed as different food items), seven-foot plastic bubbles and tons of pink foam were among the scenes of the shoot. “This project seemed made for us. Getting to stick Mark and his camera inside a giant bubble dunked in foam was a particular thrill, but the best was seeing the lead singer of one of my favorite bands dance around dressed as a hunk of cheese, covered in saliva”, said George Sledge, producer with Action Figure. “As fun as that was, the edit will really be hilarious,” said Matt Hovis, creative director with Action Figure. “Our editor Ariel Quintas is so stoked about this one that he didn’t mind us double booking him for it. Southwest Airlines by day, The Lips by night.”

Action Figure is known for their award-winning film production, identity, and graphic design for clients such as IBM, Vignette, Tivoli and Ballet Austin. Located in a historic building in downtown Austin, Action Figure assists local, regional and national clients with everything from the production of television commercials to logo design, as well as all forms of multimedia and animation graphics.

A making-of video, which will run on Nickelodeon, was shot simultaneously by Ben Steinbauer with Dan Brown as Creative Consultant to the video. The Sponge Bob Square Pants Movie opens in theaters on November 9, and the music video should be released in early December.

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