May 2007

Fully Loaded: Greasy Soul Funk

Supergroup Awesomeness ain’t just for the first-tier all-stars. Whoever said the lesser-known jazz and funk musicians of our generation can’t have some fun, too?

The unheralded but probably pretty fucking awesome Fully Loaded resurfaced for a show out in San Francisco recently, and now they’re taking their “six shots of deadly funk” on the road. The band, formed by saxomophonist Cochemea “Cheme” Gastelum, features GBA’s Chris Stillwell on bass, Will Bernard on guitar, Chuck Prada on percussion, Anthony Farrell on keys and perpetual free-agent Adam Deitch on the kit. The potential for nastiness is on its way eastward…

Let’s take a quick listen to Fully Loaded rip a mean Bidi Man, a song written by Chris Stillwell and made famous by those lovable Greyboy Allstars.

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Play It, Leo: Page Tour Begins

Everyone’s favorite new-shirted keyboardist returned to his familiar perch last night in support of the release of his eponymous album. Page McConnell gathered his four new bandmates and kicked off a brief 13-show tour of the East Coast, the Midwest and Georgia last night at Higher Ground in Burlington. You gotta hand it to the guy for really checkin’ out some new venues…


His ol’ bandmate from the popular rock band Phish, Mike Gordon, sat in on Back in the Basement (click here to watch the jam on YouTube), probably causing some serious “We’re Halfway to Phish” erections from the Vermont faithful. We’ll be seeing Page on Monday night when he rolls through Irving Plaza (sorry, it ain’t the Fillmore to me, yet), and I’m sure we’ll have a full report on whether he’s still sticking that foul thing in his ear.

5/30/07 Setlist: Heavy Rotation, Runaway Bride, Maid Marian, Memories Can’t Wait^, Beauty Of A Broken Heart, Final Flight*, Rules I Don’t Know, Close To Home, Complex Wind, Back In The Basement %, Everyone But Me

Encore: Strange Design**, Stuck In The Middle With You#

^ Talking Heads
* Vida Blue
% with Mike Gordon on bass
# Stealers Wheel

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The B List: 10 Great Police Vids

We’re gaining momentum as we approach the end of The Police Week on Hidden Track, and today we present a special edition of The B List: We’re featuring 10 amazing Police videos from our friends at GooTube. Check ’em out…

1. Let’s start with a clip from the opening night of the reunion tour. King of Pain has always been a favorite song of mine — the studio track on Synchronicity is full of layered vocals and all sorts of percussion instruments, making this song a challenge in concert. For this tour, The Police are playing it straight: The major difference between King of Pain from this tour and the Synchronicity tour is the lack of background singers. Sting changes the phrasing of his words, as apparently Andy and Stewart aren’t capable of backing him up vocally.

Check out the full version of King of Pain from opening night, as well as nine more great Police videos from their prime, after the jump

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Pullin’ ‘Tubes: Don’t Be That Guy

We’ll start the morning off with some lighthearted douchebaggery. Our friend bcrider dug up this video of Built To Spill‘s Doug Martsch performing I Would Hurt a Fly on the

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Apollo Sunshine: Rocks Off Cruise, NY, NY 5.24.07

Apollo Sunshine once again proved that rock and/or roll is alive and kicking on last night’s Rocks Off boat cruise. Warm weather, blue skies and, well, sunshine offered a perfect environment for a three-hour floating rock show around lower Manhattan, and Apollo Sunshine provided a high-energy blast of power pop, heavy on the power.

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Yusuf: An Other Cup

After a nearly 30-year hiatus (his last album of new works was released in 1978), the man now known first as Steven Georgiou, then as Cat Stevens, and now as simply Yusuf Islam, has put out a new album.  And the new album, while clearly inspired and influenced by Yusuf’s spiritual journey of the last three decades, sounds remarkably like, well, Cat Stevens.

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Grousing The Aisles: 100+ Police Shows

The Police Week rolls on at Hidden Track with a special edition of Grousing The Aisles. As we mentioned a few weeks ago, the fine people over at the forums on have been assembling the mother lode of Police bootlegs.

So while we wait for full audio of the band’s comeback shows to finally surface, feel free to get your fill of the band in its absolute prime…

Pre-Outlandos D’ Amour shows

08-05-1977 / Mont de Marsan / Punk festival / FRANCE

Read on for, oh, about 100 more awesome shows for your perusal and download…

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