July 24, 2007

Matt Costa Readies Unfamiliar Faces

On his 2006 debut Songs We Sing, Matt Costa established his reputation as a performer, wrapping introspective lyrics in textured melodies and creating a sound that was at once a

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Crowded House: Masonic Lodge, New York, NY 7/19/07

If taking eleven years off helps a band's sound as much as it did for Crowded House, perhaps every band needs to take an extended hiatus. Crowded House returned to New York City for the first time since 1996 on Thursday night for a brilliant performance at the Masonic Lodge. The band played in the stately Grand Lodge, a room better known for housing meetings of the usually secretive Free Masons than as a venue for a rock band.

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Low: Drums and Guns

The minimalist veterans are back restraining their outward energy but grinding the internal millstone on their newest effort, Drums and Guns. Low went a bit poppy/mainstream (for them at least) with their last effort The Great Destroyer, but now it is back to bleak with Drums and Guns.

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