September 2007

Radiohead’s New Album Comes In 10 Days

Radiohead fans and other salivating webgeeks were disappointed last week when a site called — which featured a countdown clock until the band’s supposedly new album — turned out to be a hoax.

But misdirection led to some truth, and tonight we are hearing news of a pending release: Radiohead has just put up a link on to pre-order their new album In Rainbows. The new material will available for download in only 10 days, October 10th. And in a case of the ultimate switcharoo, now redirects you right to the official InRainbows site, where you can pre-order the album. Now that, my friends, is what we call craisins.

Or is this all just another hoax? If it’s real, Radiohead has found an incredibly creative way to bypass leaks and can revolutionize the industry with tonight’s announcement. Those old-fashioned types who want an actual CD will have to wait until December 3rd, when the discboxes will be shipped. We can’t wait to see what Bob Lefsetz has to say about this news. Thanks to Jez for the heads-up.

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The Week That Was: Tears of Rage

It’s a bad day to be a fan of the New York Metropolitans and a good day to support the Phillies. But as the Ultimate Schadenfreude concluded on a sunny

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Neko Case Serves Up Reissues

Respected and beloved singer/songwriter Neko Case will see the re-release of her acclaimed 2006 album Fox Confessor Brings The Flood with the addition of a five-song bonus disc  from Anti-

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Whoa, Ryan Adams…Take It Easy, Tiger

Just when you thought the brooding 32-year-old was getting his shit together, and just when we devote some column inches to one of his fantastic late-September shows, Ryan Adams reminds

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Friday Mix Tape: Jazzercise, Sax Edition

It’s time for another end-of-the-workweek communique from Neddy: Are you feeling saxy? Here are some mighty fine blowers for your Friday listening pleasure. As always, you are free to ignore

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