September 2008

Are You Ready?

Fasten your seatbelts, kiddies… How will this all go down? We’ll FINALLY find out shortly…

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Briefly: All Signs Point to Hampton?

Is the Mothership preparing to host the most important gigs in the 25-year history of Phish? According to the Merry Swankster, the quartet is on the verge of announcing a

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Cover Wars: Them Changes Edition

I’m going to go ahead and declare a tie from our edition two weeks ago with The Bridge and Mr. Blotto refusing to quit as the votes go higher and higher – so we’ll call them both winners from when we looked at covers of Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys. Last week’s however has a clear winner, no big surprise here as Jerry Garcia & David Grisman received the majority of votes when we examined covers of Sitting In Limbo.

This week, we look at the title track off of a Buddy Miles album from 1970: Them Changes. While not as well known as the version on Band Of Gypsies, the studio cut features a funky groove with a horn section whereas the live Hendrix cut is more of your straight power-trio rocker. What’s great about this week’s Cover Wars is that we’ve got some bands with horns that play the lines from the studio recording and some guitar bands that are a little closer to the version most people know. Lots of good guitar work this week.

As always, please register/login to IMEEM to listen to full-length clips in the playlist below.

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Review: Liam Finn @ Doug Fir Lounge

I was all set for a great night of music on Wednesday. Three bands that I have never heard of or seen. Well, not true, really. I had heard of Liam Finn, but never experienced his music. I had done quick Myspace and YouTube searches and came up with a thumbnail synopsis of how he does what he does. With his use of loops and drums and guitar, all in all a pretty unique sound. It made me look forward to his portion of the show.

But first, there were two other bands to open the festivities. I purposely didn’t check either of them out ahead of time. Surprise me, I thought. Give me your best shot, let’s see how you rock and roll.

The venue for tonight was the Doug Fir Lounge. Originally a diner attached to a motel, the Doug Fir underwent a major overhaul a few years ago and became one of the premier smaller halls in Portland. The diner still functions as it was originally designed, and the motel still rents rooms with a unique catch. Obviously knowing their clientèle, the managers turned Room 117 into a retail establishment where guests may purchase any of a myriad of sex toys, videos and the like.

Below the parking lot, on the street level is a tattoo parlor. Upstairs, next to the diner is the cocktail lounge and below that, the concert hall Looking like the inside of a log cabin (Made from, of all things, Douglas fir) the room has a nice feel and great acoustics. The best seats in the house are on the steps, just below the sound booth. Perfect sound and view above the bouncing heads on the floor, plus an easy shot around the corner back to the bar. Nice digs all around and SO Portland.

READ ON for A.J.’s thoughts on the three acts in question…

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Download: Grace Potter’s Golden MMJ Cover

This past Sunday night in Montreal, Vermont’s Grace Potter treated the stunned crowd at Petit Campus to a first-time played cover of My Morning Jacket’s Golden. While her band, The

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Little Feat: Join the Band

Join the Band is shrewd in its aim toward Little Feat’s core demographic, new fan and old. Essentially it’s the same one courted by executive producer Jimmy Buffett, who sing, appropriately enough, on a reggae/calypso arrangement of "Time Loves A Hero.” Yet fans of Brooks and Dunn will be as curious to hear their heroes on "Willin'" as Black Crowes fans will be to hear Chris Robinson croon "Oh Atlanta;" the latter is a slice of vintage Feats funk in which the singer puts his distinctly Southern voice to most effective use.

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Tom Morello Solo Tour Dates

Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine is set to release his anticipated solo album, The Fabled City, on September 30th.  The 11-song album, produced by Brendan O’Brien (Bruce Springsteen,

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Letters To Cleo Reunite For Four Shows

LETTERS TO CLEO will reunite in November to perform four shows in three cities, their first performances since they disbanded in 2000. The group behind hits including "Awake" and "Here

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