March 11, 2009

Intermezzo: The Hampton Drug Arrests

After an extremely successful weekend that saw their favorite band reunite for three fantastic shows, the Phish fanbase returned home to find the media picking up on the same ol’

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Interview: Superfly’s Jonathan Mayers, Pt. II

Last week, we brought you part one of our in-depth interview with Superfly Presents president Jonathan Mayers where we discussed his start in the industry, the booking process for Bonnaroo and so much more. This week, we bring you part two of Scott Bernstein and Jeffrey Greenblatt’s talk with Jonathan, which includes his thoughts on Outside Lands, Vegoose, Superfly’s Greening efforts and much more…

Hidden Track: What has been your favorite Bonnaroo – both, in terms of your experiences and in terms of performances?

Jonathan Mayers: I have a couple, really. I’ve had many amazing moments there. You know, to be working with your friends every day, to feel creatively inspired, realizing that you can do anything. It’s like you can have an idea and with a good team of people you can execute on it and that just for me, the festival itself happening, is very fulfilling.

In terms of performances, I’m a huge Neil Young fan and when Neil Young & Crazy Horse played [in 2003] it was just such an amazing thrill for me because here was my hero, playing the festival and totally killing it. That was amazing. And, I’m also a huge Radiohead fan and I thought, Radiohead it was just an amazing set and they are one of my favorite bands. When they played, it felt like the festival was evolving – so that was really exciting too. And even Metallica last year – we had a lot of people that didn’t feel like that was a good booking for us and I thought that they were amazing. I thought it was a statement that – you know what – the place isn’t going to burn down. They’re an amazing live band and it worked.

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God Street Wednesday: Talkin’ With Tomo

Back in 1995 there weren’t many websites dedicated to music and barely any music publications on the ‘net. One of the first online rags was an alternative netzine called Consumable. Consumable was started in Hoboken back in 1994 and published dozens of issues until their final issue in August of 2000.

[Photo by Michael Weiss]

While Consumable focused on the alternative scene, once in a while they would profile a rock band. The April 5, 1995 issue contained an interview with God Street Wine drummer Tomo. Dan Enright wrote this insightful piece and if he’s still out there and wants us to take this reprint down, just have him shoot us an email. Without further ado, here’s Dan Enright’s interview with Tomo from Consumable…

The publicist from Geffen, was right on time. When I answered the phone she pleasantly informed me I’d be talking with Tomo, the drummer from God Street Wine. It took a moment to make the three-way connection to a hotel room in Columbia, Missouri – where the band was scheduled to perform another of the 200+ shows they do every year, and have since 1989 when the band was formed.

With two self released albums and hundreds of performances behind them, the group seems poised to receive the recognition they deserve. The quintet – a collaboration between Jon Bevo (piano, organ, vocals), Lo Faber (guitar, lead vocals), Aaron Maxwell (guitar, lead vocals), Dan Pifer (bass, vocals) and Tomo (drums, vocals) – have just recently released their major label debut, $1.99 Romances, on Geffen.

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Review: Black Keys vs. Dan Auerbach

With The Black Keys and Dan Auerbach each hitting stops in the greater Maryland/Washington D.C. region last month, it only seemed appropriate to stack the two shows against each other – Auerbach’s main gig vs. his side gig, Baltimore, MD vs. Washington D.C., duo vs. ensemble.

[All Photos By Zachary Herrmann]

So, what better way to compare the two than with a Battle of the Bands? We’ll tally up points for each round, and, at the end, crown a winner. Let’s see how Auerbach fared against Auerbach.


With The Black Keys, you know exactly what you’re getting: two dudes, a guitar, a drum kit and a lot of noise. The Akron, Ohio twosome has been doing its dirty, bluesy, garage rock thing for the better part of the decade and – after last year’s brilliant Attack and Release – is in perhaps its creative height.

Dan Auerbach’s backing band for his first solo tour behind last month’s Keep It Hid was more of an uncertainty. We knew going in that Texas upstarts Hacidena – whose 2008 album, Loud Is the Night was produced by Auerbach – would be backing Auerbach, but we didn’t know My Morning Jacket drummer Patrick O’Hallahan would be joining in on added percussion. The Feb. 28 show was the band’s first live performance (something Auerbach noted early on) and this new, six-piece gave Auerbach more room to breathe than he’s ever had with The Black Keys. With two drummers, a bassist, keyboards and a rhythm guitarist to back him, Auerbach was able to focus on his vocals and his leads, with a full band to fill the space in between.

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Mike Mogis Produces New Pete Yorn Album

Columbia records will release Pete Yorn’s ‘Back and Fourth’ marking a new musical chapter in which the acclaimed singer and songwriter has taken a different approach to writing and recording

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Raphael Saadiq – Soul Survivor

In September 2008, Saadiq released his third album, The Way I See It, which landed him the #1 position on iTunes Top Albums of the Year, a spot on Rolling Stone's Best Album's of 2008 and three more Grammy nominations.

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