April 6, 2009

Stormy Mondays: Kick Ass Rock

Heading in the exact opposite direction of last week’s jazzy tendencies, this week’s Stormy Monday features good old-fashioned kick ass rock and roll. The mix opens with Grace Potter and

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Mr. Miner’s Tour Stop: The Gorge

With many of our readers planning a trip out to George, WA for Phish’s return to the venue in August, we’ve asked Mr. Miner of Phish Thoughts to revise his Tour Stop column about one of the country’s best outdoor venues.

Few music venues in the world combine the magic of the natural world with fabulous sound and a carefree atmosphere. The Gorge, however, is one of these special places. A Phish stomping ground, the Gorge in George, Washington hosted the band for four two-night stands, each producing some of the most memorable shows from their respective tours. The stunning visual beauty of the blazing sunset over the Columbia River combined with the aural beauty of Phish improvising a perfect soundtrack can be overwhelming– in the best way possible. With camping on site, and relatively little hassle by authorities, The Gorge has been Phish’s west coast Mecca since 1997.

Any time a west coast run was anticipated, The Gorge routinely jumped to the top of the rumor list, and still does, as no other Phish experience can quite compare. Nobody will ever forget their first visit to The Gorge. As you walked over that grassy ridge and finally saw where the stage was located, you had to do a Scooby-Doo “double-take” to believe your eyes. This was where Phish was meant to play! With a 22,000 person capacity and a massive property, when the circus came to George, a mini-west coast festival vibe emerged each time. READ ON for more on The Gorge from Mr. Miner…

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Neil Young: Fork In The Road

If you saw Neil Young on tour last year or read about his eco-friendly car in the news, you probably saw this coming. Heck, if you have been following Young’s career for the past 40 years, you probably saw this coming. It’s no secret he does what he wants, when he wants to do it; and he’s done it again

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Phish Playing Fenway Park

Phish has added two additional shows to their 2009 Summer Tour, including a May 31st concert at Boston’s historic Fenway Park, and a third night (June 2nd) at the Nikon

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