April 28, 2009

Not So Enchanted Fairy Tale: If At First You Don’t Succeed, Kill Yourself Trying!

We’d like to welcome back Ryan Holiday to share a “not so enchanted fairytale of an unknown band” he was a part of a few years ago…

Being a musician my whole life, I know the struggles one faces when striving for success. And as much as talent plays a big role in writing great music or playing an instrument well, it doesn’t mean one will enjoy success. Much of my success has been artistic, not monetary. In the last 10 years I’ve played in three bands, each of them enjoying different levels of success.

In Between Blue (IBB) version one: Just out of high school, IBB had high hopes for a long career in the music business. Like any young band, we started out rehearsing in a basement. We used our contacts to get a deal with a powerful management company that dealt primarily with sports stars and dead actors’ estates. Since the owner was our guitarist’s uncle, the agency was willing to set aside time for us. However, the relationship didn’t last long due to the fact that they wanted us to change our style of music and we, being young and naïve, were too stubborn to compromise. Soon after, our phone calls were ignored. We then decided to take matters into our hands and release our first CD on our own. Thousands of dollars and a release party later, the band broke up unceremoniously. It was the first time I realized how fragile relationships between band members can be.

READ ON for more on the rise and fall of In Between Blue…

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Wyllys & The World Party: Future Thinkin

This edition of W+TWP features two DJ mixes by up and coming London stalwarts Future Thinkin. Though not new comers by any sense of the word, this crew is still on the rise in the production world with releases on their own imprint Future Thinkin Records as well as Infrared, J Majik’s longtime label. You can grab podcasts by the entire FT crew here.

These two mixes are hilariously titled The First Date and The Breakup. Both mixes highlight FT’s unique take on liquid funk that falls on both sides of the vibe coin (light/dark). FT had this to say about the mix: “Episode 1 was, deep and rolling, soulful and vocal, in contrast The Breakup is an altogether different animal! Think pain, think anguish, think brooding anger, but most of all, think quality BEATS!!”

This is quality, intelligent, flowing Drum and Bass that any fan of electronic music can get into. Perfect for rolling down the car window to show those joggers just how hip you are. Here are the track listings. I will not include any Wyllys Money Marks for these mixes, as every second is a highlight. Check out Shylo MC’s classy vocal stylings.

READ ON for the track listings, to stream the mixes and more…

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Austin City Limits Festival Lineup Released

We all knew April couldn’t end without another festival announcement – or seven – and today we bring you news of the initial Austin City Limits Music Festival lineup. Pearl Jam, Dave Matthews Band, Beastie Boys, Kings of Leon, Levon Helm, Sonic Youth, Sound Tribe and Ben Harper & Relentless7 are among those scheduled to perform at Zilker Park on October 2 – 4.

The producers of the eighth installment of the ACL fest promise eight stages featuring 130 bands over the course of the three day event. Also included in today’s initial announcement are HT favorites Dr. Dog, Bon Iver, Reverend Payton’s Big Damn Band, The Felice Brothers, Sam Roberts Band and The Wood Brothers. Three day passes are currently on sale for $185.

READ ON for the full initial lineup for this year’s ACL festival…

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Tour Dates: Bob, Willie and John At Bat

What could be more American than seeing two of the most iconic American musicians playing minor baseball stadiums this summer? Well, how about you throw in a third to make

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Yeah Yeah Yeahs Launch Summer Tour

Fresh off their triumphant appearances on Saturday Night Live and at the Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival, as well as performances on The Late Show With David Letterman and

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R.E.M.: Murmur (Deluxe Edition)

So wondrous was the sound of R.E.M.’s Murmur upon its release in 1983, that the deceptive simplicity and haunting air of this music is no less perfect in re-mastered and expanded form over twenty-five years later.

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