July 25, 2009

Gathering of the Vibes: Day Two

Day Two of the Gathering of the Vibes began with sunny skies ominous signs lay ahead. King for a Day kicked off the main stage, a local CT band that has played Vibes for four years now, their set included a lovely Jack-a-Roe. It’s great to see so many area bands taking to the stage here at Vibes – showing and promoting the area’s live music scene.


[All Photos by Jeremy Gordon]

Strangefolk hit the stage next and guitarist Jon Trafton’s wife Jennifer came to the stage and sat in on backing vocals for a song. The shout out of the day, however went to Chuck Garvey of moe. who saved Jon’s broken amp and possibly the show.

JJ Grey and Mofro haven’t been to a GOTV in many years since the festival moved from its upstate NY location, but that wasn’t lost on the audience when he started on the classic blues standard I Got My Mojo Workin’. Like they say Vibes is about re-connecting with old friends and turning to your neighbor to make new friends so it’s only fitting that his southern hospitality fits right on in.

Wavy Gravy, a gentleman that has been on the scene for longer than most attendees yet still finds ways to let his clown spirit shine, took to the stage and guided fans through a fun journey as the official MC for the event.


READ ON for more on the Vibes from Carla and Jeremy…

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