November 20, 2009

Phish in Cincinnati: Setlists

Phish November 21, 2009 U.S. Bank Arena Cincinnati, OH Set 1: Wilson, NICU, Wolfman’s Brother, Ocelot, Torn and Frayed, Strange Design, Ginseng Sullivan, Albuquerque, Split Open and Melt, Dirt, Limb

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Briefly: Furthur Announces Major Tour

Furthur, the band made up of Phil Lesh, Bob Weir, Jay Lane, Joe Russo, John Kadlecik and Jeff Chimenti, have just announced a major tour that spans the month of

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Breaking: Furthur in Marin, Tonight

Furthur, the band made up of Phil Lesh, Bob Weir, Jay Lane, Joe Russo, John Kadlecik and Jeff Chimenti, will play a warm-up show this evening at the intimate 19Broadway

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Best of GTA: Steely Dan @ the Record Plant

[Originally Published August 9, 2007] Steely Dan 03/20/1974 FM (MP3): After listening to one of Steely Dan’s rare live gigs from the ’70s, I’m just confused as to why these

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Through The Fog: The Mother Hips

Last Friday was a long time coming. The week seemed to drag on to the point where I spent a great deal of Thursday staring at the clock, doing my best to force time to speed up by the sheer force of my will and failing miserably. There had been deadlines and long work days since Monday morning and it drained me to the core. I needed Friday badly. You see, on Friday, the Mother Hips were coming to town. By Wednesday I was jonesing pretty bad. Friday was a long time coming for certain.


I got to the venue early and grabbed a table by the wall to wait for the right moment to give up my seat. The Doug Fir Lounge in Portland is a very intimate theater with a low rise stage that faces a roughly 30’ by 40’ dance floor. Behind the dance floor is a set of stairs leading to the bar area and merch table on one side, with the sound booth in the middle and a ramp to the bar on the other side. There are a few tables on either wall to the side, but sitting down affords one only a good look at the back of most of the audience. The best place to be at the Doug Fir is on the stairs, leaning back against the front of the sound booth. One or two steps up, with something to lean on behind me to rest my aching back and an unobstructed view of the stage, I try to grab this spot whenever I’m here.

I needed to sit till the last moment to rest up for the show. Triple bill, with Matthew Lindley & Troubadour Deluxe first and Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit in the middle slot. I grabbed the spot on the stair just ahead of a couple who were content to be against the booth, but one step down.

READ ON for the rest of AJ’s review of the Mother Hips…

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Video: TUS – The Important Thing

Our new favorite psychedelic-country-rock band These United States have captured the early ’90s, DIY-spirit reminiscent of Beastie Boys clips for their new video. Here’s The Important Thing… [youtube]2xSUoNVW2y0[/youtube] These United

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Televised Tune: On The Tube This Weekend

Seattle rockers Pearl Jam make their Austin City Limits debut this weekend on your local PBS channel. Eddie Vedder and his mates focus on material from the recently released Backspacer

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Phish: The Biography: By Parke Puterbaugh

Don’t be digging into Parke Puterbaugh’s new Phish: The Biography looking for details of who consumed how many drugs and how wasted they were when they did – and shame on you if you do. Move on, my friend; be glad that all hands have returned from the dark side and are smiling once again. I suppose you could say that Puterbaugh’s love for the band no doubt tempered his attack, but there’s not a whole lot left out that we need to know – and what’s here is a good read for those who love the band.

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