The B List: Top Six Of The Last Six

As we continue our year end house cleaning around these parts, I thought I’d chime in once again with a list of my own. As has become the half yearly tradition around these parts, in lieu of a traditional top ten list we opt to do something a little different with our Top 6 of both halves of the year.

While my Top 6 Of The First 6 seemed to have some pretty obvious choices, the second half of the year’s list is mostly dominated by debut records – so let’s get on with it…

6. FanfarloReservoir


I’ve had Fanfarlo’s debut album for so long, that I almost forgot that it officially got released this September. Loaded with orchestral folk-rock that has become all the rage in recent years, the album features everything from saws and clarinets to cellos and ukuleles to melodicas and thermins that all combine with lead singers Simon Balthazar’s booming vocals to produce a cacophony of melodic noise that doesn’t fall far from the Neutral Milk Hotel/Arcade Fire tree.

READ ON for the rest of my Top 6 Of The Last 6…

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Review: A 12/30 Show For The Ages

It all started on a cold winter night in Springfield, Massachusetts seventeen years ago, when Phish dusted off Timber Ho! and Ride Captain Ride to treat some of their die-hard fans to a special concert on the night before New Year’s. Ever since that time, December 30th has been the Phish national holiday – a night when you can expect bust outs and jams galore, a tradition that continued in a big way at the American Airlines Arena last night in Miami where Phish blew their proverbial load multiple times on December 30.

Usually an opener gives you some sort of sense of where things are going and the first Soul Shakedown Party of 3.0 told us to fasten our seat belts. It was the first of SEVEN bust outs the band would drop in the opening stanza, an unheard of figure. The venue was more crowded on night three so the roars the band would get as they broke something out would be extremely loud, something that seemed to push the band to greater heights. After the Soul Shakedown, Runaway Jim opener we got our second cover of the night courtesy of ZZ Top – an intense Jesus Just Left Chicago that gave Trey and Page large windows of opportunity to show off their skills. Trey in particular seemed to really enjoy toying with the tempo during his solo.

Mike Gordon has been going long with some of his 2009 cover selections including She Still Thinks I Care by George Jones in Hampton and When The Cactus Is In Bloom by Bill Monroe in Asheville. Tonight’s random Mike cover was the rollicking Dixie Cannonball by Hank Williams Sr. and it added to the madness we were witnessing. We were only four songs into the set and we’d seen three bust outs. READ ON for more…

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Bloggy Goodness: New Year’s Eve Edition

We’re just a few short hours away from that big ball dropping in Times Square that will not only put an end to year, but also to the decade as well. We here at Hidden Track want to wish everyone a very Happy New Year and we’ll be back and better than ever in 2010! Have fun, be safe and cheers!!!


I have the distinct honor of bringing you our last link dump of the year and the decade, enjoy…

Finally, last week on Christmas Eve folks walking on Dublin’s famed Grafton Street were treated to a surprise busking session by a rather impressive ensemble of Irish musicians as Bono, Glen Hassard (The Swell Season/The Frames), Damian Rice and Mundy treated the gathering crowd to an hour long set that included covers of Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door and Stand By Me. The impromptu performance raised money for Simon Community, an organization which serves Ireland’s homeless population. Check out some of the performances from that night after the jump

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Phish in Miami: Night Three

Since I’m in Miami already, I might as well head down to the American Airlines Arena to see the third of Phish’s four shows in Miami. You call follow all the action live @YEMblog. Once the show starts, READ ON for the setlist…

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Review: Phish Heats Up Miami

If you’ve seen a bundle of Phish shows, it’s probable that you’ve been asked “why do you see this band so much?” repeatedly over the years. Everyone’s answer to that question is different, but most involve the aspect of surprise and the fact that neither the band or the audience knows what will happen. The second night of Phish’s New Year’s Run in Miami contained many unexpected moments, which is what we look for at each show.

The show started innocently enough with a straight forward first set that included the second Access Me ever and the first since June 26, 2004. Mike Gordon wrote the brilliant little ditty for Undermind that same year, but the song seemed to have disappeared after Mike and Trey performed a version of Access Me in Utica back in 2005 at a 70 Volt Parade show. Yet there it was in all its glory with Anastasio’s high harmony, Page McConnell’s plucky clav playing and Gordon’s heavily-syncopated bass line. Let’s hope we don’t have to wait five years for the next version. Another rarity performed in last night’s first set also came off of Undermind, The Connection. While we only get a taste of the tune on the album, the quartet stretched The Connection out ever so slightly at the basketball-only arena.

As fun as the rarities were, the highlight of the first set was a groovy Reba with a jam that had a quicker pace than usual which seemed to inspire Anastasio. Not only was the jam good but the band nailed the composed parts that lead up to the improv, a theme that would continue on this night that saw a highly confident version of Phish. The Divided Sky was another tune that was nailed from first note to last. All in all the first set was a nice appetizer for what would ultimately be a most delicious main course.

READ ON for more from Scotty on night two of Miami…

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Video: The Runaways (Trailer)

Hailing from Southern California, The Runaways quickly rose to fame in the mid-70s playing a brash mix of hard rock and punk.This all-female band was only around for a few

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Phish in Miami: Night Two

I’m on the scene at the American Airlines Arena for the second of four Phish shows in Miami. I’ll be tweeting live from the show for @YEMblog. Last night’s show looks fairly standard on paper, but I did hear the Light jam which was stellar. READ ON for tonight’s setlist once the show starts…

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Clapton & Winwood – Presence of the Lord

Here’s a clip of Eric Clapton’s band – featuring Derek Trucks – performing Presence of the Lord with Steve Winwood at the 2007 Crossroads Festival… Eric Clapton w/ Steve Winwood

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Cover Wars: Cortez The Killer Edition

[Originally Published: May 19, 2009]

This three-chord ditty, loosely based on Hernán Cortés, is originally off the 1970 Neil Young & Crazy Horse album Zuma. The simplicity and shear length of the tune makes it a prime candidate for cover renditions, and more of then than not… guest appearances. Often times those sit-ins include Neil Young himself as Neil has played Cortez with two of this week’s contestants.

Cover Wars

Fun fact: the original take had an extra verse at the end that was lost due to a problem in the studio. When Neil was informed of the glitch he simply responded, “I never liked that verse anyway.” Checking in on last week, moe. and Umphrey’s McGee are still battling it out in the Can’t You Hear Me Knocking Cover Wars, so head on over there and help settle the score.

The Contestants:

Built To Spill: Single. Double. No, Triple Guitars! This twenty-minute romp was recorded during the 1999 Keep It Like A Secret Tour. We’ve got a lot of distinct voices this week, but perhaps none more unique than Built To Spill’s Doug Martsch. Source: Live


READ ON to hear and vote on the rest of this week’s contestants…

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