April 8, 2010

Review: Wilco @ the Orpheum Theatre

Wilco @ the Orpheum Theatre – Boston, MA – April 6

I think Wilco just outdid itself. No, in fact, I’m certain of it. The band’s current tour, dubbed An Evening With Wilco, is one of the boldest and bravest artistic statements the band has made since Yankee Hotel Foxtrot subverted big-wig record moguls at the beginning of the ’00s.

On Tuesday night in Boston, Wilco played just shy of 40 songs during a non-stop three-hour set. Twenty minutes later than anticipated, the band walked on stage as a computer-generated voice announced Wilco’s policies. The band slammed right into Wilco (The Song), bringing the voice back to introduce the band members in response to the chorus of “Wilco”s. The stage was much more decorated than previous Wilco tours, and the elaborate light display was synced to the music. With lights to set the mood of each piece and just a breath between songs to change guitars, Wilco was running an extremely professional tight ship.

The first half-hour included newer songs and the classic I Am Trying To Break Your Heart. The song ended in chaotic noise (not to mention a dizzying light spell), that drifted into frontman Jeff Tweedy’s casual strumming on One Wing, a track from Wilco’s latest self-titled album. Lead guitarist Nels Cline’s lightning strumming during solos garnered the room’s attention and propelled songs such as Impossible Germany. Bassist John Stirratt traded places with Tweedy for the lilting and folksy It’s Just That Simple, a song that showed Wilco’s roots and its softer side.

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SCI Announces Hulaween 2010

When the String Cheese Incident announced their comeback earlier this year, they mentioned they’d be shying away from typical tours to focus on special events. For SCI’s final shows of

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Bloggy Goodness: Roger That

While we may never seen a full-on Pink Floyd reunion again, the band’s bassist – Roger Waters – hasn’t been shy about touring behind the group’s most well-known material. It’s

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Last Week’s Sauce: March 29th – April 4th

If I had to choose a theme to this edition of Last Week’s Sauce, I suppose it would “legends”. Booker T. and Leo Kottke are undoubtedly legends in my mind. And Wilco, well Wilco is one of the premiere bands on the scene right now and they are legends in the making. Galactic? OK probably not, but they do have one of The Neville Brothers playing with them and that helps.

[Thanks to Patrick for this week’s photo]

And we continue to take all the selected tracks, normalize them, create some simple fades and put it into one easy to download MP3 for you. Click here to download Last Week’s Sauce Podcast #5

Artist & Title: Booker T. – Green Onions, Born Under A Bad Sign, Potato Hole
Date & Venue: 2010-04-02 Varsity Theater, Minneapolis MN
Taper & Show Download: perks

Leading off this week we’ve got legend Booker T. Jones. There are three songs here and he wrote all of ’em. Well, he co-wrote Born Under A Bad Sign, but Green Onions is all his. The third track is the title-track from his newest album. Booker T. next plays at the San Francisco Jazz Festival on April 23rd.


Video of Green Onions from the same show:

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Through The Years: Rush 1973 – 2008

Today is a big day for Rush fans as the band has just announced details of their upcoming Time Machine Tour that hits 40 cities across North America between June 29 & October 2. For these shows, Rush will pay tribute to their past by performing 1980’s Moving Pictures album in its entirety at each show & will give fans a taste of the future by playing a few songs they are currently recording for their new album with producer Nick Raskulinecz.

We wanted to fire up the Hidden Track Time Machine to show the history of Rush through clips on YouTube. We’ve assembled a playlist of videos that starts in 1973 with audio of the group’s Not Fade Away single and continues up until 2008 with a South Park-introduced version of Tom Sawyer.

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Storytellers: The Weather and The Wait

Wade Ellis Wilby presents Hidden Track Storytellers. This is a creative writing workshop for fiction and nonfiction stories inspired by music. This first piece was inspired by Brock Butler’s song The Weather and the Wait.

I didn’t care to look at the broken LCD display on our now defunct stage clock. She’d been to one too many bars one too many times. She was just a souvenir now; A reminder that time was irrelevant. The last notes of tour were ringing out into the depths of my brain (thanks to the tinnitus) and Sarah was a scant 8 hours away from me. Nothing else seemed to matter now and I had no yearning for anything to matter the way it use to. It’s not that my reasons for getting into this whole mess have escaped me. In fact, they’re more real to me than they ever were in the beginning. I just never thought I would look back on my life and realize that the music was the easiest part of the journey.

The dorm room acoustic sessions that evolve to open mic nights that stumble into auditions that ramble into first gigs end up rolling down some hill in the universe somewhere and one day you wake up a musician. The kind of musician and the trail of destroyed relationships tend to differ from minstrel to minstrel, but make no mistake about it, at the bottom of the hill you will have a career and a laundry list of “what could have beens”. It goes with the territory. You spend so much time perfecting your craft you lose track of the world around you and usually, about a decade later, if the universe has taken you under its wing, you come to, and realize you have actual proof of all your hard work. It may be in the form of a discography. It may be in the form of rehab. One way or another your career is born.

Somewhere in that timeline came someone who believed in you and pushed you further down the hill. When that first person makes that first shove it creates a chain reaction of shoves, a domino effect of nudges that come with their own sets of ideas, responsibilities, and consequences. It is this shoving match that moves your mind further and further away from the music, no matter how hard you practice every day. Managers, accountants, publicists…all necessary evils to an end goal, but evils nonetheless. When I picked up my first Ovation in 5th grade (what a piece of shit that guitar was) I never thought I’d spend more time on the phone discussing the importance of playing Boston on a Thursday as opposed to NYC. I wish I never found out what a “major market” was. I wish I never learned a lot of things.

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Video: Devendra Banhart – Baby

While it looks like Devendra Banhart may be gearing up to compete in a Frank Zappa look-a-like contest, the psychedelic-folkie has recruited his pals   Fabrizio Moretti (The Strokes/Little Joy) and

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