July 11, 2011

Picture Show: Disco Biscuits and More @ EMU Music Festival

EMU Music Festival @ Snowmass – July 2

Words: Alexander Wolff
Images: Matthew Speck

There is definitely something special about a low-key festival being held in the middle of a ski mountain. Snowmass Village is a charming little town, and did not appear to be ready for the Bisco Circus provided by fans of the day’s headlining act – the Disco Biscuits. With support acts Perpetual Groove, RJD2 and others, it was sure to be a good time for all.

[All photos by Matthew Speck]

Looking out behind the stage, the peaks and valleys of the Rockies seemed to be just out of reach of the ski lifts. A truly majestic location for a festival, the vista only added to the excitement and anticipation for the Biscuits. They took the stage for their first set while the sun was still up and several stragglers were still wandering over from the adjacent hotel.

The band opened up with a very standard version of the classic original Morph Dusseldorf, followed by a standalone version of Rockafella that didn’t really go anywhere. However, from the moment they burst into Triumph, it was on. Triumph, along with several other tunes, was played for the first time this year, and it certainly made for some exciting exploration. The jam out of it saw a killer drop into Munchkin Invasion, which quickly led to a Caribbean-sounding island jam that was allowed to breathe and develop quite comfortably for several minutes before they built up the ending peak of And The Ladies Were The Rest of the Night. While the quartet certainly could have done more with this tune, it was well executed and was followed by the ending of Munchkin Invasion, which was a real treat having not shown up this year either.

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