August 2011

Twitter List: North Coast Fest Acts

The North Coast Music Festival (@northcoastfest) takes place this weekend in Chicago’s Union Park featuring an impressive and eclectic lineup of artists. For those of us unable to attend the fest, one of the great ways to get real-time updates and information about the happenings at Union Park is via the performers’ Twitter feeds. We’ll be closely monitoring the @Hidden_Track account for updates from all of the bands, rappers and DJs we’re following on Twitter.

We’ve made a Twitter list featuring every North Coast Music Fest artist with a Twitter account and have compiled the Twitter feeds from the lineup below for your following pleasure.

David Guetta @davidguetta

Bassnectar @bassnectar

STS9 @sts9


Thievery Corporation @thieverycorpDC

Fatboy Slim @fatboyslimnews

Common @common


READ ON for the rest of North Coast Music Festival’s twittering acts…

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3GM: Letters From Equifunk – Saturday

HT’s Three Grown Men writing collective attended the Equifunk festival on August 19 and 20 at Eastern Pennsylvania’s Camp Equinunk and have filed some letters describing this one-of-a-kind event. To follow up on Kevin Smallwood’s thoughts posted yesterday, here are the recaps from Conor Kelley and Jonathan Kosakow…

Dear Reality,

I’ve been at Camp Equifunk for almost a day now and I’m having a really swell time! The kids are treating me nice and I’m making tons of friends. We had swim lessons all day and it was really neat. The lake is super and…I…

Actually listen up Reality, I’m gonna cut the shit. I don’t miss you at all. You told me to write you while I was away so here it is, and I’m going to say some things that need to be said. I walked through the Equifunk camp gates 18 hours ago and I feel like I’ve forgotten every lie you’ve ever told me. I just went down a 30-foot water slide backwards with a beer in my hand. You ever do anything like that, Reality? God, you’re so lame bro.

[Photo by Dino Perrucci]

I woke up today to the sounds of my friends sitting around, laughing about the night before. Do you have any idea how refreshing that is? You always wake me up with a face-slapping alarm clock. Thirty lazy minutes and 40 yards later we were poolside, and about to experience the most adrenaline-fueled, carefree hours I’ve had since Manorlu Swim Club in the summer of ‘97. I’m so glad no one invited you, Reality. You probably would have been telling people to slow down and not to swim for a half hour after eating, nerd. The BBQ was hot, the beer was flowing, and the beach balls were being inflated to the point of passing out. It was the best party I’ve ever seen, and the bands hadn’t even taken the stage.

READ ON for more Letters From Equifunk…

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Malkmus and the Jicks Play Two For Fallon

Not only has NBC’s Late Night with Jimmy Fallon seemingly cornered the market on great musical guests, but they’ve started a trend of having artists perform an extra tune for

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Photos: Grateful Dead Europe ’72 Box Set

Back on January 19, Rolling Stone broke the news that Rhino Records would be putting out every note the Grateful Dead played on their landmark tour of Europe in 1972 as part of a limited-edition box set. The limited-edition set sold out quicker than anyone imagine and now, a mere seven months later, these Europe ’72 box sets have started arriving.

[All photos via Sunshine Daydream FB Page]

All in all, Europe ’72 wound up as 22 digi-packs featuring three or four discs for most shows giving purchasers a grand total of 73 discs worth of music. The digi-packs and two accompanying books are all included in a replica steamer trunk with a latch and a handle. Early reviews of the remastered music are glowing with most complaints focusing on the flimsy cardboard sleeves that protect the discs themselves.

Chicago’s Sunshine Daydream Hippie Shop has shared some photos of the Europe ’72 box, so READ ON to view ’em all…

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Video: The Hold Steady – Power of Love

In the latest installment of the A.V. Club’s perpetually delightful Undercover series, The Hold Steady tackled the Huey Lewis and the News classic, Power of Love. Instead of opting for a straightforward approach to the tune, Craig Finn and company took a bit of surf rock angle at it, and yielded some mighty fine results. Based on the commentary, the band doesn’t seem to have much of a relationship with the song, but for yours truly, this was one of my very first favorite songs. READ ON to watch…

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Intermezzo: Petty Fest 2011

Petty Fest returns to NYC this October for “Two Nights To Get Drunk And Celebrate The Songs Of Tom Petty.” The action takes place at the Music Hall of Williamsburg

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The Wandas: The Wandas

A large thematic portion of The Wandas debut album appears to be focused around the idea of chasing after love, or quite possibly the missing out on that existence.  Listening to the instrumentation of the majority of this album, it wouldn’t be as apparent to interpret the lyricism as depressing matters; it nearly is disguised.   That could be viewed as a success in terms of expressing, or changing, that idea within the sound that makes up this band.   

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Tommy Keene: Behind the Parade

he effervescent enthusiasm that pervades Tommy Keene’s new album, Behind the Parade, belies the artist’s nearly thirty-year career as a cult figure. Sample the previous high points of his discography– Places that Are Gone or Based on Happy Times– and listen for a discernible difference in energy.

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