June 29, 2012

Matthew Mayfield: A Banquet for Ghosts

Southern crooner and lyric scrawler Matthew Mayfield is a gifted and prolific storyteller (he has released eight EPs and one full-length album in less than four years). Of course according to his Facebook page he is also a “two-faced son of a bitch,” so take that for what you will. Maybe he’s just a tortured artist or maybe he’s just yanking our chains; either way, the man knows how to write and his tales are evocative and picturesque.

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Soulive & Karl Denson: SPARK!

In a note detailing Soulive and Karl Denson's upcoming CD release shows around their new EP SPARK! Denson most helpfully advises: SPARK! is really about the playing, less about the tunes. It's the four of us collectively getting back to more of a jazzier thing than we'd done in recent memory."

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