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Video: Phish – Albany YEM

Today marks the 15th Anniversary of the best Phish jam these eyes have ever seen – the Albany YEM. On a cold, snowy night in Upstate New York, the quartet

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Tale Of The Tape: YEM Showdown

We’ve reached the most magical times of year — nope, not the holidays — the wind down of the football season. With fantasy football playoffs upon us AND my Detroit Lions on the verge of cementing their place in history as the worst team of all time with an 0-16 season, it’s time to talk football, kinda.

As you probably read on December 9, our innkeeper Scotty B, highlighted the reunion on what he considers the greatest jam ever, the famed 12/9/95 Albany YEM. While I too love this jam, I do not necessarily do not think it is the best YEM out there. Instead, I favor the 12/31/93 Centrum rendition. Hence, it’s time for these to YEMs to square off in a head-to-head tale of the tape style battle. You already know which one I prefer, but I’ll actually try to take an honest look at them based on a variety of categories.

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Shall we? Running Backs The running back debate actually inspired this whole football tale of the tape theme. A long time ago, I tried to sneak this in a Bust Outs column that the Centrum YEM could take down the Albany YEM. “Comparing those two jams are like comparing Barry Sanders to Jim Brown. Barry Sanders (Albany) was a sprightly runner who bounced and floated around, waiting for holes to open up, before patiently shifting directions on his way to the house. On the contrary, Jim Brown (Centrum) was just mean as hell and would just put his head down, run over anything in his way and head straight for pay dirt. They were both great, but it’s not really an apples to apples comparison.” The response — [Editor’s Note: Pfft!] In retrospect, as a longtime Lions fan, I think I would sooner sell my soul than renounce Barry Sanders as anything other than the greatest running back of all time.
Edge: Albany

READ ON for more of the debut edition of HT’s Tale Of The Tape…

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