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Jam Cruise Files: Julie McCoy

Last year we started a recurring feature on HT called Jam Cruise Files, where we asked artists a number of questions about their Jam Cruise experiences. Jam Cruise 9, on the MSC Poesia, sets sail from Ft. Lauderdale on Jan. 4th – a little more than six months away, with a power-packed lineup that includes Bob Weir’s Scaring The Children, God Street Wine, Galactic & the Rhythm Devils. We kick off the second year of Jam Cruise Files columns by talking with Cruise Director Annabel Lukins – aka Julie McCoy.

Hidden Track: What were a few of your highlights from Jam Cruise 8?

Julie McCoy: Two words: Nigel Hall. During the Fantastic 4 set on the pool deck, which was one of my most anticipated shows since we booked them, Nigel came on stage for Love Having You Around where he proceeded to yell to the crowd, “Where’s Annabel at, I want to sing this to her?” I humbly made my way to his side, and he serenaded me while I danced effortlessly next to him. The smile on my face was permanent, tears flowed from my face, and I felt such deep love and affection from my dear friend. It was truly a magical and humbling moment in my life, let alone my absolute Jam Cruise 8 highlight.

[Photo by Jeffrey Dupuis]

A few others worth mentioning:

Sexual Chocolate, Karl Denson’s brainchild…I was once again called up to sing in the final song with the supergroup, swaying back and forth next to Liza Oxnard and others. I truly felt a part of musical history.

Pretty Lights – 4:00am – Pool Deck. I have never danced so hard on Jam Cruise late night than I did during Pretty Lights. The entire pool deck was packed and everyone was grooving constantly to the ridiculously talented duo. READ ON for more of Jam Cruise Files with Julie McCoy…

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