April 3

Videos: Phish – Complete Island Tour

Thirteen years ago today Phish’s much-beloved Island Tour came to as close in Providence, RI. Over the course of four shows, which were organized quickly to give the band a break from prepping the Story of the Ghost LP, Phish built on the funk-laden improvisational style it had honed in 1997 and debuted three new songs they were working on. All in all, the Island Tour stands out as one of the best four-night stands in the group’s history.

For this morning’s video post we’ve compiled playlists of all four Island Tour concerts made up of newly-ripped videos uploaded by YouTube user Duanebase. Back in 2005 Phish put out perfectly-mixed official recordings of each show that are must-haves if you don’t own them already. Let’s go to the videotape…

April 2, 1998 – Nassau Coliseum

Phish – April 2, 1998 [Entire Show]

READ ON for videos of the final three Island Tour gigs…

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