Picture Show: Disco Biscuits @ Best Buy

Disco Biscuits shows have been few and far between in 2011, making this past weekend’s three-pack of performances in the heart of “Bisco Country” extra special. The band kicked off the brief run on Thursday and Friday at the Best Buy Theater in New York City before finishing it off at the Sherman Theater in Stroudsburg, PA on Saturday night.

[All photos by Jeremy Gordon]

The Philadelphia-based quartet mixed material from every era of the band’s history throughout the run. Here’s a look at the setlists…

04/14/11 @ Best Buy Theater – New York, NY

Set 1: Spectacle, Story Of The World1 > Bombs > Above The Waves2 > Spaga3

Set 2: Mindless Dribble > Run Like Hell > Confrontation2 > Mindless Dribble > Feeling Twisted > Run Like Hell
Encore: The Tunnel, Once The Fiddler Paid

1 – Unfinished
2 – Inverted
3 – Ending only

04/15/11 @ Best Buy Theater – New York, NY

Set 1: Kitchen Mitts, Grass Is Green > Vassillios > Minions > Voices Insane1 > Grass Is Green

Set 2: Spaga2 > Reactor3 > Tricycle > Humuhumunukunukuapua’a4 > Tempest, The Very Moon > Bernstein And Chasnoff4

Encore: Magellan

1 – Unfinished
2 – Dyslexic completion of 4/14 version
3 – Inverted
4 – Ending only

4/16/2011 @ Sherman Theater – Stroudsburg, PA

Set 1: Portal To An Empty Head, Aceetobee > Catalyst > Aceetobee, Digital Buddha > Lunar Pursuit > Digital Buddha

Set 2: Spraypaint > Spacebirdmatingcall, House Dog Party Favor, Neck Romancer, 42 > Spraypaint

Encore: We Like To Party

[via PT Bisco]

Hidden Track’s Jeremy Gordon was on hand last Thursday to shoot the first night of the run at the Best Buy Theater. READ ON for a full gallery…

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