Tour Dates: Eddie’s Uke Rock Tour

Last week, we dropped the news about Pearl Jam front man Eddie Vedder’s new solo album – Ukulele Songs – which comes out on May 31. Hot on the heels of

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Aqualung: Memory Man

Memory Man has its heightened moments, however the majority of the 11 tracks simply feel like they are muffled under water. Breakout hits “Something to Believe In” and “Outside” are what keeps Memory Man alive.

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Aqualung: Breathing Underwater (Matt Hales Interview)

Matt Hales is Aqualung, or at least the most vital part of the English based band. Drawing vocal comparisons to Thom Yorke and musical hints to Coldplay and Keane, it’s been the “year of America” for Matt and his four-piece band, as they’ve traveled the U.S. for the better part of 2005.

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