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Ari Hest

Ari Hest doesn’t like to think of himself as a veteran pop rocker but after seven full length albums he admits, “Weird to call myself that, but I suppose it fits.” From his six albums, three EPs, and "52" in 2008, an innovative project whereby he wrote, recorded and released a new song every Monday for a full year, “prolific” might be an understatement when describing Hest.

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Alex Wong Opens Up About New Venture A City On A Lake

Glide Magazine recently spoke with Alex Wong about his new album, the path he’s taken from toddler to adult, his time with Vienna Teng, what excites him about being a producer for acts like Delta Rae, Melissa Ferrick and Ari Hest, and above all what it’s like to make a name for yourself in a business that celebrates innovation and individuality but doesn’t exactly make it the easiest to navigate the many, many pitfalls of a life as an artist.

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