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Band of Heathens: Great Scott, Boston, MA 4/6/13

Despite having been named the best band in Austin, Texas along with a Top 10 American Music Association album for 2008, the critical recognition hasn’t always translated nationally for Band of Heathens. Being recognized as best in Austin is like being named best Mormon in Salt Lake City. As Austin is now the epicenter of the American music scene the title is no minor platitude. 

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Band of Heathens: Top Hat Crown & The Clapmaster

There is a collaborative, one for all spirit on Top Hat and if you like the new wave of Americana acts like Deer Tick and Dawes you will have a soft spot for Band of Heathens. Its not a perfect album, there are lulls in the generic country rock of opener “Medicine Man” and the blues bounce of “Enough” but it is abundantly clear this is a group of focused songwriters and tour hounds, a unit to be reckoned with. “Gris Gris Satchel” ends the album solemnly with each vocalist taking a turn on the slow cooking chorus.  Feel this.  

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Band of Heathens: One Foot In The Ether

Comprised primarily of a three Austin singer-songwriter attack including Ed Jurdi, Gordy Quist, and Colin Brooks,  The Band of Heathens burst onto the music scene with their self titled debut album last year that garnered comparisons to The Band and The Black Crowes.  Their sophomore release, One Foot in the Ether, features the ingredients perfect for a great rock-n-roll record complete with boogie woogie piano, loud guitars, and irresistible melodies.

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