Band On The Run

Video: Paul McCartney on Saturday Night Live

The typical Saturday Night Live musical guest usually performs two songs on the long-running NBC program. Former Wings lead singer Paul McCartney proved once again (he played three songs in 1993) that he is far from the typical musical guest as he was given the opportunity to play a record five songs for the cameras and treated audience members to an additional two songs. Here’s a rundown of Macca’s performances…


Band on the Run

READ ON for the rest of Paul McCartney’s sizzling SNL hits…

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Cover Wars: Band On The Run Edition

With Paul McCartney’s previous two albums (Wild Life and Red Rose Speedway) not being especially critically acclaimed, many see his 1973 release Band On The Run as something of a statement piece, and what a statement it was. Paul once shared that the title track of the album was built around something guitarist George Harrison would say during The Beatles’ business meetings, “If we ever get out of here”.

Cover Wars

Side Note: Band On The Run is a great addition to the “What album is Phish going to cover?” discussion that friends of yours are undoubtedly having.

And now, the covers:

The Brew: Leading off this week we’ve got The Brew. Check the rest of this show for a great recording and additional covers from Kansas and The Police. Source: 5-14-2009


READ ON for the lowdown on the rest of this week’s contestants…

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