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Amy Ray Digs Deep Into The Lung of Love

If there’s one thing that continues to drive Amy Ray as an artist it’s a strong Protestant work ethic, mixed with a healthy dose of indie/punk DIY principles and a keen interest in constantly exploring new territory.

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Thirty Years On, The Indigo Girls Continue To Grow With Beauty Queen Sister

Glide Magazine had the pleasure of speaking with Amy Ray about the writing and recording of the newest album, as well as her feelings about the role of activism in their work, her relationship with Emily Saliers as songwriters, what it’s like to balance her Indigo Girls and solo work and why she doesn’t play “Blood and Fire” anymore.

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Indigo Girls: Beauty Queen Sister

While they could continue to deliver solid sets of songs constructed in their conventional paradigm, their willingness to experiment and travel in new directions with their latest record– and do so successfully– both reinvigorates their catalogue and shows that they still have plenty to say, and it’s worth listening in.

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