Camp Bisco V, Hunter NY 8/25-26/06

Photos by Free Paul of Camp Bisco V, held at Hunter Mountain in Hunter, NY on August 25 and 26, 2006. In addition to the festival hosts, The Disco Biscuits, artists included The Roots, Thievery Corporation, Brothers Past, Brazilian Girls, The Benevento-Russo Duo and more.

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Brothers Past 1/11/2005: Higher Ground – South Burlington, VT

After having heard a lot of positive hype surrounding Brothers Past, it surprises me that it took this long to finally see what it was all about. Let me start by saying, that the Philadelphia band lives up to and, at times, completely exceeds the hype. The future holds a place for this band and I will be pleased to see them graciously accept it one day.

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The Disco Biscuits’ Marc Brownstein Keeps Ears Listening (INTERVIEW)

In the past year, The Disco Biscuits’ bassist Marc Brownstein founded his own voter registration group, HeadCount, had his first baby, and watched drummer Sammy Altman announce he is leaving the band after New Years. With all that going on, we skipped the usual interview fact sheet to discuss life behind the bass on a more candid level.

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Particle: Launchpad

Through relentless touring over the last couple years and word-of-mouth, Particle has quickly made a name for themselves by exciting audiences with their self-described “space porn” at festivals, clubs and late-night parties around the country. Particle’s first full-length album, Launchpad, effctively captures their energetic live sound in a studio setting.

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Particle: A Passion for the Ride

Without releasing an album, Particle has managed to earn a huge following throughout the country, providing a powerful source of inspiration and satiation for fans who crave experimental, high energy dance music. It

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