For Rex : The Black Tie Dye Ball: The Zen Tricksters and Special Guests

Last fall a group of musicians came together for a benefit for the Rex Foundation. The black tie event held at the concert hall for the New York Society for Ethical Culture featured an artist collective comprised of Grateful Dead members and mercenaries, but was primarily based around the foundation of the Zen Tricksters.

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Sage: Up From Below

This four piece band from New Jersey has produced a high impact album, full of hard driving rock and roll, right alongside ambient jams and funky jazz numbers.

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Simplicity: Life After Life

Common to most jam outfits, it seems Simplicity would be better if it were spread out over a live show. The songs could stretch out and new grooves could develop – as the band definitely has the chops.

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The Marshall Tucker Band: Live from the Garden State 1981

When I popped this DVD into my player my TV was tuned to the modern MTV, but in the span of a moment the beautiful teenagers selling sex and industrially assembled pop music were transformed into sweaty fat men playing funky grooves with real emotion.

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DJ Harry: Collision

DJ Harry is an artist apart from the ranks of more mortal DJs, and some of the usual rules don

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