Caribou: Cat’s Cradle, Carrboro, NC 5/12/10

Carrboro, North Carolina’s Cat’s Cradle has always been a favorable spot for bands on the fringe of public consciousness. Caribou, for instance, would likely have a hell of a time drawing a few hundred people in Raleigh, Charlotte, or Asheville. But in Carrboro, the artist sometimes known as Daniel Snaith performed to a near-sellout crowd, and it wasn’t the first time he’s packed the house at the venue. However, last time he was in town the sound was better and the music infinitely more engaging.

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Caribou: Andorra

Caribou continues a tradition of 1960s-inspired indie music – but where Andorra divulges is in the fact that this album follows the psychedelic tradition of early Syd Barrett-era Pink Floyd, Jefferson Airplane and others, all while maintaining a strong sense of unusually syncopated, playful sounding melody. 

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