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B List: Chad Smith’s Favorite Photos, Pt. 1

Photographer Chad Smith has only been shooting bands for the past three years, but over that time he’s gained a reputation as one of the best in the scene. His work has been used in a variety of publications and even on official releases from some of our favorite artists including the cover of Umphrey’s McGee’s Hall of Fame 2010 album.

Back in March we asked HT photo editor Jeremy Gordon to put together a list of the 10 best shots he took and to share the stories behind the images. Jeremy did such an amazing job that we’ve contacted a few additional photographers about doing the same. So, for this week’s B List and for a future B List Chad Smith will share his ten favorite (five at a time) photos and the stories behind them. Here’s the first five…

1. Bassnectar @ The Metro 2008

[All photos by Chad Smith]

Let’s start of with this photo of Lorin (Bassnectar) at The Metro back in 2008. One interesting thing about my little concert photography career, aside from being a relatively short one thus far (started on Jam Cruise 5 in 2008), is for the majority of 2008/2009 I didn’t have a legitimate photo pass for many of the festivals and shows I shot. A few pointers for those of you just starting out: make friends with promoters as well as club/venue owners and shoot at small bars that allow you to bring in a digital camera.

For this show, I got a pass from the promoters whom I happened to be friends with. This shot helped open up all sorts of new arenas for me. I shot this on a Canon 40D with a Sigma 30 mm 1.4. Shooting into strobes can always be a challenge and I shot about 100 shots winding up with about 75 that ended up in the garbage, but there were a few keepers among them along with this beauty. I sent it to Bassnectar’s management and have a great relationship with them that continues today.

READ ON for more of Chad’s favorite photos and the stories behind them…

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