The B List: 10 Classic Clavinet-Fueled Songs

From the first time I heard Stevie Wonder’s Higher Ground and Superstition, I’ve always been a huge fan of the clavinet. This electric keyboard manufactured by the Hohner company produces a funky sound that adds plenty of life to any song in which it is used. Since its introduction in the ’60s, the clav has been used in dozens of classic rock, funk, disco and reggae songs. It’s even turned up in the setup of many jamband keyboard players including JoJo Hermann of Widespread Panic and Page McConnell of Phish.

This week’s B List looks at the ten best clav-fueled songs from the ’60s and ’70s. Part two of our look at the clavinet will focus on more modern tracks that use this keyboard, but that’s for a later date.

For now, let’s look at ten classic clavinet-fueled songs…

10. Higher Ground – Stevie Wonder

When most people hear the traditional clavinet sound, they think of Stevie Wonder’s work on both Higher Ground and Superstition. Without a doubt, Stevie put this keyboard on the map. Above, we’ve got a clip of Stevie and Wonder Love tearing it up live in 1973.

READ ON for nine more classic clavinet-fueled songs…

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Through an endless string of personnel shifts in the early to mid-Seventies, the Welsh band Man grafted progressive elements onto their earthy pub-rock roots that, combined with their penchant for extended improvisation, inspired rabid devotion in their fans.

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Mountain: Masters of War

Mountain's latest release, Masters of War is a Bob Dylan tribute album with original mountaineers West and Laing, Ritchie Scarlett, Brian Mitchell, Kenny Aronson and Todd Wolfe.   The CD arrives with uncanny timeliness – in the same way Dylan used his songmenship to protest against the Vietnam War,

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Golem!: Fresh Off Boat

If Golem! would have let their raven hair down and stomped around the studio a bit more, Fresh Off Boat could have risen above kitsch.

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The Who : Madison Square Garden, NY, NY 9/18/2006

New and old (well, except for the crowd who were just old), the two Who’s rocked the worlds most famous arena with a collection of “oldies,” but primarily relied on the rather younger songs. After putting out a “mini-opera” back in July, Townshend and Daltrey have begun to march forward, with plans to release a new album in the next month, offering the bands first serious output since 1982.

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Tom Petty: Highway Companion

Tom Petty’s first solo album in twelve years, revisits the myth of the
open road, as if to wrestle one more time with an ancient metaphor.

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Talking Heads: Entire Catalog Reissued

To say the Talking Heads were an original band is putting it mildly – they changed the landscape of music forever. Now with DVD-A, we can listen to their entire studio catalog which has just been reissued, along with bonus videos from the archives and alternate and unfinished takes of tracks you never heard before. It

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