God Street Wednesday: Talkin’ With Tomo

Back in 1995 there weren’t many websites dedicated to music and barely any music publications on the ‘net. One of the first online rags was an alternative netzine called Consumable. Consumable was started in Hoboken back in 1994 and published dozens of issues until their final issue in August of 2000.

[Photo by Michael Weiss]

While Consumable focused on the alternative scene, once in a while they would profile a rock band. The April 5, 1995 issue contained an interview with God Street Wine drummer Tomo. Dan Enright wrote this insightful piece and if he’s still out there and wants us to take this reprint down, just have him shoot us an email. Without further ado, here’s Dan Enright’s interview with Tomo from Consumable…

The publicist from Geffen, was right on time. When I answered the phone she pleasantly informed me I’d be talking with Tomo, the drummer from God Street Wine. It took a moment to make the three-way connection to a hotel room in Columbia, Missouri – where the band was scheduled to perform another of the 200+ shows they do every year, and have since 1989 when the band was formed.

With two self released albums and hundreds of performances behind them, the group seems poised to receive the recognition they deserve. The quintet – a collaboration between Jon Bevo (piano, organ, vocals), Lo Faber (guitar, lead vocals), Aaron Maxwell (guitar, lead vocals), Dan Pifer (bass, vocals) and Tomo (drums, vocals) – have just recently released their major label debut, $1.99 Romances, on Geffen.

READ ON for an interview with GSW drummer Tomo from 1995…

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