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Cover Wars: Ballad Of A Thin Man Edition

Ballad Of A Thin Man is the fifth track on the 1965 Bob Dylan album Highway 61 Revisited. There are many theories regarding who the song is about, the most common one being that it’s about a reporter who can’t fully understand the meaning behind Dylan’s lyrics.

Cover Wars

The Contestants:

Elliot Smith: This is a very popular download on the Live Music Archive, over 100,000 people have downloaded this show, and if you’re not one of them – you should be. Smith channels Dylan’s vocal delivery in a way that I’ve never heard him do on his original material. And I’m pretty sure he nails every single word which is pretty hard for a live Dylan cover. Source: 10-11-1998


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Bloggy Goodness: Where The Action Is!

Over the years Rhino Records has earned a reputation as the home for fantastic vault releases, reissues, box sets and compilations. While we’ve been overjoyed with the high quality Grateful

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